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2014 K2 Yeah Yeah Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is AJ from K2 and we're going to talk about the K2 Yeah Yeah Binding.


So, AJ, great binding for intermediate level rider? Yep. Strong, strong binding for intermediate rider. This binding definitely excels more toward the park girl. It still has all the stability to go ride all- mountain but it really excels when you're out in the park and one of the things that really gives it that freestyle, you know, orientation is the highback and it's called the TweekBack. This model, we call it the Peace Back because it kind of looks like a peace sign on the highback which is super cool but it is functional. So, it just really great torsional flex so for a girl that's getting into a lot of nose presses, any kind of tail press or where she's getting into her grabs and tweeking out a big method, it has all that ability to just flex with where your foot is actually going with your boot but when you, she's let's say, you know, kind of just going out and cruising with her friends, she goes from a toeside to a strong heelside turn, it does have a reinforced spine in the highback so she can crank on a nice heelside turn and not have it kind of fold over on her. And overall, would you say it's soft enough for that girl who's maybe just starting out but thinks she may eventually down the road get into some park riding, getting to something where she'd want that softer highback but for the time being it will still be forgiving enough to learn on, right? Absolutely. So, it's perfect for that girl. She can easily, you know, still get into with the aspect of, hey it's going to be soft enough to learn on but as I grow, it's going to progress with me for quite some time so it's really great for that girl as well but, you know, it first excels towards the intermediate rider but an entry-level girl can still get on it. Great.


And tool-less adjustment on all the straps, right? Yes, so all the straps are going to be easy to adjust so, for me personally, I switch up my bindings 6 different times a season a lot so it's very easy to adjust just if you want to get a new stance or just tighten down a different way but it's super easy, there's no tools. It's pretty much just on the inside of the toe straps, there's going to be buckles that you open up and the toe straps, ankle straps will slide up and down to adjust that so super-easy to do that as well. Soft-flexing, women's specific, all that, right? Exactly. And, footbeds are canted, correct? Canted footbeds so 3 degrees inwards just meaning that it's going to allow your hips and your knees to kind of line up a little bit more efficiently as well for the park girl it's going to allow you to add more pressure to the outside of the bindings so when you go to ollie or nollie, it's going to give you more pop and more energy to do that. Great. Well there you go, that's the K2 Yeah Yeah Binding.


Awesome binding for the intermediate girl who is looking to get into the park a little bit as well as do some just freeriding with the softer binding so make sure to check it out on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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