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2014 Ride Anthem Boot Overview


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about the Ride Anthem Boa



So, Ryan, what's the deal with this boot? Boot is, it's a great boot. It's designed for beginner-to-intermediate rider. It has a flex rating of 5 out of 10. The liner, excellent liner, Intuition plush foam which it can be molded, heat molded, whether by a machine or just the body heat of your foot. Okay. It has internal J Bars and external J Bars. Little more support than some of the lower models. Little more support. Keeps your, keeps the liner from slipping out of the boot itself and then keeps your ankle and lower foot from slipping out and just a good, snug fit all the way around. Cool. Let's talk about the lacing style on this because a lot of times you see a very basic use of Boa in some of the entry-level boots but this has a little bit more advanced use of it. Exactly. This has the Boa Coiler. So, basically, pull the knob out, you slam it down and you have all this slack so and, in the past, you had to turn and turn and turn, putting a little bit more wear and tear on the Boa then in the coiler as it needed, let's say. You can just make it longer in. Yeah, exactly. More wear and tear on the Boa itself but not with the coiler, you pull this out, and it retracts all that line. By pushing it back in, it's less revolutions of the knob and saving the wear and tear of the Boa. Cool. And it cuts down on a lot of time. Cuts down on a lot of time. Cranking forever. Exactly. One cool thing about this Boa, on this boot, that's exclusive to Ride is the closure system and that's going to be this deal right in here. You notice how the cables do not cross. Yep. And the reason for that is, when you cross the cables, all that does is put pressure on top of your foot, maybe gives you a pressure point that doesn't feel the greatest. And then you get colder. Yeah, exactly. And with the closer, the cable runs in here and the cable runs in here, not touching itself... Okay. it does exactly what it's supposed to do. When the tension is put on it it actually closes on top of your foot giving it a right fit. Nice. Okay.


Well, good, and then pretty simple outsole to it, just real grippy... The outsole is the Grip Sole, just very great traction and also very light. And then a nice lock on the liner as well. Exactly. The lock on the liner very easy to cinch up, lock down. You're ready to shred. I like that you don't have the kind of the floating drawstring, the liner lock actually locks into place so that... Locks into place... ...Folds straight up on that and that's real nice to... Connect it to the I, pull it up, roll it up, tuck it in there, no pressure point. You're ready shred. Great. Well, there you go. That's the Ride Anthem Boa.


Great boot for your entry-to-mid-level guy who's just looking for a quality Boa boot with some of the features of some of the higher end boots but still fairly soft flexing, forgiving boot that you can progress in and just a lot of quality there as well. Exactly, for the price. Value for the price. So, check it out on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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