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2014 Ride DVa Womens Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. I've got Ryan here - our ladies Ride expert. Yes I am. And we're going to talk about the Ride DVa Binding.


Ryan, who's this binding for? This binding would be for that luptuous intermediate female rider. Excellent binding, I'll start off talking about the ankle strap. We've got the freestyle ankle strap. This binding is available in the Franken that you're seeing here in the colors. Tool-less adjustment AstroGlyde Rolling Ratchets. Very, very comfy strap for the ladies. Moving on to the toe strap. Tool-less adjustments, AstroGlyde. We've got the Thin Grip material here where you can go over the top of your foot conventional-wise or over the top of your toe. The Thin Grip material allows to stretch out in almost any direction fitting just about any toe box in the game. Great. Chassis is Foundation Chassis. Adjustable heel cup. We've got the Wedgie Footbed System on it so I do believe it's 2.5 is what the angle is at. Nice comfortable toe ramp.


Also, the highback. That's probably the true story on this binding here is we've used urethane in our sidewalls, we've used urethane in top sheets in our boards. Now we're using it in the highback although a binding will never bend like this when you're snowboard...the highback will never bend like this when you're snowboarding, I'm just demonstrating on how flexible that binding is or that highback is, where coming back it allows you to put everything into that edge. So, why is it important for maybe the girl who is starting to get into some freestyle riding, wants that soft highback. What does that do for her? You know, if you're hitting rails or jumps, it allows you to adjust and set up accordingly how you're riding so if you're going to ride hard and fast then it's got all the support you want but if you're having just a playful day or if you're hitting some rails and whatnot, you don't have to overcompensate, it does that for you. Great. So, kind of the binding for maybe that intermediate level girl or the girl who wants to spend some time in the park just starting to look for a little bit more technology out of her binding. Exactly. Exactly. Good for freeride, freestyle, all the way around. All the way around.


Great. Well make sure to check out the Ride DVa Binding on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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