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Black Friday Preview
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2014 Ride Donna Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Ryan from Ride. We're going to talk about the Ride Donna Boot for ladies.


Ryan, it's a great looking boot for an entry-level girl, right? Yeah, yeah. Beginner to early stages of that intermediate rider. Flex rating on it is a 3 so it's a very soft boot. That's why we target that beginner rider because it's that out of the box, already fit sort of boot. There's no pressure points. It just feels great as soon as you get on and it makes that beginner rider, encourages them to push their riding abilities. But you do have an Intuition Liner which you don't find in a lot of entry-level boots, correct? Exactly. Intuition Liner which is heat moldable gives you a good form around your foot whether you have it professionally molded or, over time, eventually the Intuition will mold from your own body heat.


Great lock on the liner lacing, correct? Lock down lacing, yeah, which is one of our key features. It allows it to lock in with minimal effort. Find the tension you like, roll it up and set, you're go. I always like how it actually locks in place on the liner because a lot of them you're kind of screwing around with the drawstring. It's very simple and locks in. It has a little hook and eyelet. Locks in and it doesn't move. It centers it when you pull it. Gives you an even amount of tension all the way around the liner. Great. And I think from a graphic standpoint the Donna looks awesome this year. It's not just your typical white or black boot. Or black boot. Yeah, it's a good color. It's a very classy color.


Great, well make sure to check out the Ride Donna if you're an entry-level girl looking for a very comfortable, out of the box boot... At a great price At a great price. And thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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