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2014 Ride El Hefe Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Ryan from Ride and we're going to talk about the Ride El Hefe.


So, Ryan, this binding is pretty serious. It comes in a suitcase practically. Basically, yes. Who's it for? I would say the advanced rider. Okay. That aggressive guy but more that advanced rider and for that reason because of the bells and whistles that come with this binding... Sure. ...starting off with the strap, the ankle strap. It's the ThinFlex ankle strap. It's very thin and lightweight but it also provides a lot of support when and when you don't need it so it's a great, great strap. It's got the FlipSide which allows the ankle strap to stay out of your way so you're not stepping on it or breaking stuff as you're trying to get into your binding. The toe strap has a 3D ThinGrip molded so it molds over your foot versus being able to go over your foot more designed to drive that foot, that toe and that ankle back into the heel cup giving you ultimate response. ThinGrip stretches over just about any toe box in the game.


We got the AstroGlyde Ratchets, tool-less adjustments. The Infinity Chassis which is a very, very beautiful paint job on this chassis allows, the smaller disc allows more flex out of a board, be able to feel more of the board, wider, narrower stance. Also, the footbed on this system is the Wedgie 2.5 and it also comes with a 4.0 in the case as you see here. A lot of bang for your buck. If we had to touch base on one thing on this binding I would say it would be the highback. This is multiple pieces of carbon fiber. Solid pieces of carbon fiber on the front and back sandwiched between urethane and more carbon fiber so it's going to dampen and it's also going to give you the response that you're looking for so we've used urethane in our sidewalls. We used them as solid components in our highbacks and we're also using it to sandwich carbon and urethane together. We also used Urethane Rollbar which is this piece right in here. Dampens the ride basically, allows the binding to sit right on the board and takes away some of that vibration. So really just tons of bells and whistles. You've got options depending on which thickness of Wedgie you want to use and your riding style or what you're going to be riding for the day. You've got tons of power, response. Super lightweight highback.


Overall, just all-around top-performing binding, right? Yep. The El Hefe. Side note on that, with Ride bindings, especially in the Infinity chassis, they do come with bolts, different screws that make it compatible on today's channel systems. Okay, great. All right, well make sure to check out the Ride El Hefe on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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