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2014 Ride Jackson Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by the all new I'm Jenna. I've got Ryan here from Ride and we're going to talk about the Ride Jackson Boa today.


Ryan, who's this boot for? What's the deal with it? The boot is designed for intermediate up to an expert freeride sort of guy, if you will. A lot of support. Kind of the next step in a Boa boot from the Anthem, would you say? Yeah. Yeah, and basically that step up is going to basically be in the liner. Okay. Cool. So, let's talk first about the lacing system. The lacing system is the Boa Coiler with the closer. Very, very simple process. Basically the coiler is designed when you pull this out, to retract all that cable to reduce revolutions on the Boa. Nice. Couple turns and you're ready to go. Also, featuring the closer system, which is this piece right in here, it's Ride exclusive. So basically what that does is it keeps the cables from crossing. When you cross the cables, it puts a tension at a pressure point there which is going to make your foot numb, hurt and basically make the boot uncomfortable so that's why we went to the closer system - the lines never cross, they never touch each other and it does exactly what it's supposed to do instead of pushing down and cinching it, it actually closes with the right tension giving you a perfect comfortable fit every time. Which I think is good because with the Boa boot, you tend to just really crank down on them, over-tighten them if you're not paying attention... Exactly. ...that you can feel how the boot actually is tightening up around your foot. Yeah. And you can feel and you can decide how tight and feel the tension that you want on that boot. Great.


So, you said the liner is main difference between like that and the Anthem, what's the upgrade in this? This has the Intuition. A lot of great support in this liner. Internal/external J Bars which are moldable as well. The whole liner is moldable whether you use the machine to do it or you use your own body, body heat. Okay. And it's got a plush, nice little liner. Super soft, very comfortable. Perfect. And I like the drawstring, the Lock Down on the drawstring as well. That's one of our key features in all of our liners is we have the eyelet. Very simple to pull out. Connect the eye to the eyelet, cinch it up and you're ready to go. Tuck it away, no pressure points. A lot of room for that material to go down and it's a great boot. Cool. And then let's talk a little bit real quick about the outsole as well. Outsole is a blown light so it's very light. It's not molded, it's actually built. You know, it's blown on the material. Put on. There's no other extra pieces so it's going to keep it from breaking down and has great traction. Great. Well, there you go. That's the Ride Jackson Boa. Awesome boot for your intermediate level rider who's looking into doing maybe some freeriding, just kind of hanging out all over the mountain but looking for a boot with a little bit more support than maybe kind of that entry-level boot. Exactly. So, check it out on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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