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2014 Ride Sage Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Ryan our Ride ladies boot expert and we're going to talk about the Ride Sage today.


Ryan, who's this boot designed for? Intermediate rider, I would say. It's got a flex rating of about 4. There's a lot of good things going on in this boot for the price. We have the Boa Coiler system which, you pull this out after you've stretched out the lacing system and it pulls all that tension in so you're not constantly wearing out your dial. Sure. Also part of the lacing system is the Ride Closer which is exclusive to Ride. Basically it allows these wires to run next to each other without touching each other... So they come like that rather than crossing. Exactly, and it doesn't cross which, hence the name, closes over the top of your foot and gives you a good feeling and a good fit over the top of your forefoot. Rather than creating that pressure point. Pressure point, if you will. Exactly. Exactly.


Liner. Intuition Liner makes it heat moldable professionally or by your body heat. Has a great plush liner is the liner that comes with it but also key is the Ride Lock Down system. No struggles at all. Hook the eye through the eyelet, pull and even tension all the way around. Great. One of my favorite things to talk about on this boot and one of my key features to talk about is the CAT on LSD. The CAT is Calf Adjusting Technology. Okay. So, basically we all know men and women are built differently. Women's calf sits differently than mens so this is designed for a woman with, we'll say, an athletic-sized calf so if you do have that athletic-sized calf, the CAT allows it to adjust, to stretch out for that athletic calf, or if you have a smaller calf, this will adjust in so once you have it all set up you just take this Velcro, pull it in, and it allows it to fit free-formed to the calf that it's going up against. Great. So, overall it's not, you know, it's a little bit higher end of a boot than say the Harper or boots that fall below it but not because of some super stiff, super, you know, tough boot for an intermediate level girl to jump on it. Some of the comfort features, some of the things that just make it all-around, you know, better fit. Exactly. Exactly. You, you know, for the price tag on this boot, it's not about how stiff it is, basically it comes down to how many functions it has for an average rider... Great. Or intermediate rider. Great boot all the way around. All right. Well there you go. Make sure to check it out on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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