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2014 Snowboards – What’s New for Advanced to Expert Level Snowboards


By Chris Gorski




Snowboards, much like automobiles, have new models each and every year. Some of these models will have the same name but can become either radically changed in both cosmetics and inner workings or can be changed mildly in either aspect. 2014 is looking like a great year for snowboards including some great shred sticks from Burton, Rome, Gnu, Lib Tech and more for men, women and kids. Here we offer some insight on the higher end snowboards for those who are masters of their domain when it comes to shredding.



 Gnu Impossible

2014 Gnu Impossible A.S.S EC2PTX Snowboard


Whoa! That’s a mouthful of a name for the board and a bit dirty… Worry not though the A.S.S stands for asymmetrical and this snowboard is much more than its namesake. One side note that makes this 2014 snowboard stand out is you really don’t know what you are going to get with the base color which saves materials. So, not knowing what base color you are going to get is actually great for the environment!


What’s new?


The new Gnu Impossible A.S.S is all about asymmetry with the snowboard working with your body to ensure the best balance available. A deeper heelside sidecut with a shorter heelside contact gives you an effortless ability to get on edge and will give you more power through your heels to the snowboard. If all that sounds a little weird to you don’t worry, your body won’t think so. The Impossible from Gnu is designed for minimal adaption designed around your natural kinesiology so you won’t have to adapt mentally or physically, just shred. The EC2PTX on the Gnu Impossible offers rocker between your feet and elliptical cambers out to the tip and tail making this snowboard an all condition slayer.


Who’s this snowboard for?


This snowboard is a real multi talented piece making it at home in the park or slaying powder and is so stable it will have the rider brimming with confidence to stomp everything in sight. This board is for the high end shredder looking for the absolute top notch all mountain ripper that will be extremely fast and responsive in all conditions.




2014 Lib Tech Banana Magic

 Lib Tech Banana Magic

All hail the magic bananas! The 2014 Lib Tech Banana Magic packs a wallop including some great technology to ensure a great ride and a stellar graphic sure to please the eyeballs. Available from a 154 to a 161 wide this true twin snowboard is available for many riders sized small to large. Mike Olson and his team in the experiMENTAL department at Lib Tech have injected a ton of technology into this snowboard while still keeping it organic and environmentally friendly making it shred all conditions with a conscious.


What’s new?


The 2014 Lib Tech Banana Magic is chocked full of the best technology that Lib has to offer including the Magne Traction Lib is known for as well as !BTX! which is an enhanced banana rocker. You might be new to bananaism but this is a rad rocker and camber combination built to offer the best control, float and rideability from a snowboard. The Banana magic also offers a true twin shape offering a true and perfect twin geometry which gives an added advantage to the camber and rocker technology. There really has been no stone left unturned with the 2014 Lib Tech Banana Magic including double sintered sidewalls, basalt glass and wood core, correct sandwich construction and more! Not only is this snowboard great to ride but Lib has made sure that all the technology and manufacturing built into this snowboard is as eco friendly as possible including specially selecting wood from long fibered farmed timbers, using plastic derived from beans for an earth friendly top sheet and Lib does not include any toxins in their inks and clear coats.


Who’s this snowboard for?


The Banana Magic is an expert level snowboard and will offer great performance and feel for all mountain boarders who spend some of their time in the backcountry. The stiffer flex mixed with rocker which offers some pop will give boarders the ability to float in the backcountry while still being able to really carve hard and get a fantastic response from the board.



 Rome Mod Snowboard

2014 Rome Mod (Rocker and Camber)


The Rome Mod is such an important snowboard in the Rome lineup that they have offered it in a traditional camber and a rocker model to ensure that no matter your preference you can get on a Mod and rip. Rome’s version of a hard charging snowboard the Mod does not disappoint adding some new technology and trippy graphics, oh and did we mention it has won 2014 Good Wood from Transworld? Yeah… it shreds.


What’s New?


The Rome Mod does not show up to dinner late and does not disappoint. With Kevlar impact plates underneath the binders you can have confidence in this board’s core compression and to add even more beefiness the Mod’s edges have been made wider and taller to offer greater impact protection. Clearly the Mod snowboard from Rome is built to take a beating and keep on ticking. The Mod offers two separate make ups; one with rocker and the other with traditional camber. The Mod rocker has Rome’s FreePop rocker/camber mix giving the rider flat camber in the middle of the board extended near the tip and tail where rocker takes over giving the board equal shredability in powder and in the park. The traditional camber Mod by Rome has hard charging power with traditional camber throughout the entire snowboard.


Who’s this snowboard for?


The Rome Mod is for the expert snowboard looking for a board that can keep up with many aspects of riding. The Mod Rocker will adapt to not only the backcountry powder stash but will also be at home in the park slaying rails, boxes and jumps. The traditional camber Mod will be at home in the backcountry charging hard and going big off jumps and booters.



 2014 Burton Custom Flying V

Burton Custom Flying V


The Burton Custom Flying V is one of the more forgiving boards in the advanced to expert category. Don’t get us wrong this board can still rip in the backcountry but the blended camber and rocker technology gives this board an unmatched feel in the groomers as well as the park and powder. The Custom Flying V is no one trick pony and can have riders in pure ecstasy in many situations. Oh and did we mention the Burton Custom Flying V offers a 3 year manufacturer warranty from Burton. Now, that’s some confidence from Burton in the build of their board!


What’s New?


The Custom series has been around for many years but they still seem to be able to find something to add to it to make it better. This year’s Custom Flying V gets some carbon added in for weight saving, some additional pop as well as giving the board crisper handling. Another great feature of this and all Burton snowboards is the Infinite Ride technology. Infinite Ride allows Burton to “overbuild” their snowboards and then put them in a machine that breaks in the board. With a snowboard put through the Infinite Ride machine you can ensure your board will maintain its flex, pop and feel every season.


Who’s this snowboard for?


The Burton Custom Flying V is the middle ground between a soft and playful board and a stiff and aggressive board. At home in the park yet able to push it hard in the backcountry the Custom Flying V is great for the snowboarder that is going to be doing a bit of everything and wants a one trick pony to help them along the way. Available in a standard width, a wide width and in a Restricted model this board is ready for any rider to take the reins.



2014 Gnu Beauty Snowboard

Gnu Beauty DC3TX


Talk about new technology! Here we are talking about an entirely new snowboard from Gnu for hard charging, ripping women! The new Gnu Beauty not only offers some great technology in shape and construction but this board also offers ridiculous art from Pendleton Woolen Mills which is a family owned business with an emphasis on Native American designs. If you are a hard ripping boarder and demand a snowboard that is built to rip this new Beauty from Gnu will offer some real performance that is sure to not disappoint.


What’s New?


Seeing how this is a brand new board in the Gnu lineup it would be safe to say that the entire board is what’s new! The Beauty adds a directional freeride board to the women’s Gnu snowboard lineup and with a design by Barrett Christy this board does not disappoint. The C3 shape offers a camber dominant design with a bit of banana rocker giving this board just enough float for the powder but an immense amount of grip for all mountain ripping. And just like all the other Gnu snowboards the new Beauty DC3TX is hand built in the USA!


Who’s this snowboard for?


The Gnu Beauty DC3TX is built for the woman going out and just absolutely ripping! With a freeride shape designed for fast charging around the whole mountain and a slight rockered tip and tail this board will allow the boarder to be at home both on groomed hardpack as well as in the powder. Not exactly the best board for park rats but it can take a launch off a backcountry booter! The Beauty is really beautiful for the boarder looking to push boundaries and carve hard.


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