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2014 Women’s Snowboards – New Technology and New Boards


By Chris Gorski




2014 is going to be a good year for the ladies! Women’s snowboards have come a long way with technology and design built for a women’s specific body shape and boarding style. Here at we know a lot of women that shred harder than men, heck our snowboard buyer is a hard charging woman, so we understand the importance of stocking great quality women’s specific snowboards. Here we will go over some of the highlights in the 2014 women’s snowboards including great boards from Rome, Gnu, Burton and Rossignol.


Rome GoldRome Gold Women's Snowboard


Not going to lie, I kind of wish the Rome Gold was a men’s snowboard because the graphics are amazing. The Rome Gold offers great technology for the hard charging woman including a directional shape and rocker which makes this board purr like a kitten in powder but you can still take it all over the mountain. With a fine mixture of the best Rome technology the Gold will not disappoint and will offer the ability for women to progress their riding with a board that will be there for them during the entire process.


What’s the Skinny?


The Rome Gold women’s snowboard offers Rome’s Quickrip sidecut which adds two additional mi-board contact points to give additional grip at high speeds while also engaging the inner contact points at slower speeds. This means the Gold will give phenomenal grip at high speeds yet still remain playful at shorter speeds. For the shape the Gold gives you rocker between the feet and camber in the tip and tail of the board. This technology amply called Rome’s MtnPop will engage the board with the response of the positive camber while on the hardpack yet still give ample float while in powder; really the best of both worlds. To get powerful Rome added PressurePop technology which adds Kevlar from under the bindings to the top and tail to increase Ollie power! Oh, and a sintered base makes this board fly and take a waxing like a champ.


Who’s this Board for?


This board is going to be for the hard charging woman spending her time all over the mountain. The Rome Gold gets good marks for powder, carving, jumping and jibbing. It’s not going to be an absolute park stick as it offers a bit stiffer make up and a directional shape. This board is going to excel in the backcountry and will hold a mean edge on hard pack as well. A great one quiver shred stick for the woman who goes out of bounds in the morning and does some in bounds bombing at night.



GNU Ladies PickleGNU Ladies Pickle Women's Snowboard


The GNU Ladies Pickle may sound a little weird at first but give it some time to let its personality show, trust us, you’ll like it. This snowboard offers women a fully fledged park board all dressed nice to look presentable to the parents. The GNU Ladies Pickle is especially proud of its curves as it comes equipped with magne-traction which works almost as a serrated sidecut making icy hardpack conditions a breeze. The Ladies Pickle is a bit of a free spirit and the bases on this board will come in assorted colorways as this is better for the environment by wasting less material in the long run.


What’s the Skinny?


The GNU Ladies Pickle is a true twin asymmetric freestyle machine! Built with PBTX which is GNU’s all terrain rocker you get a great float in powder and a catch free ride on hardpack and in the park. The Ladies Pickle really excels in the park and will offer a supreme feel jibbing, riding rails, boxes or just playing around as you make it down the mountain. The asymmetrical shape gives you more control and balance on your toe side edge while giving more power to your heelside edge basically giving you the most for your efforts while making you feel super comfortable in all conditions. Oh and we should mention that this GNU board along with all their boards is manufactured in the good ol’ US of A by real snowboarders with jobs which is pretty cool.


Who’s this Board for?


The GNU Ladies Pickle is going to be ideal for the woman spending a good majority of her time in the park hitting rails, jibbing and getting air off booters. Not out of place when boarding the entire mountain the Ladies Pickle can hold its own in a little backcountry as the rocker will help it float. The pickle will also carve like a Ginsu on the hardpack with the help of magne-traction. So, really this board can be used for multiple things but is most at home in the park so it’s recommended for the park minded all mountain boarder.



Burton Sweet ToothBurton Sweet Tooth Women's Snowboard


The Burton Sweet Tooth is here to ensure you have something with a lot of flavor! The Sweet Tooth offers some pretty awesome graphics offering the look of smashed strawberries under your bindings squishing out each side which will make you feel like pulverizing the mountain. Like any good Sweet Tooth this snowboard doesn’t know what you will be in the mood for and can adapt to many situations whether you are on the front hard pack or in the park slaying some rails and boxes.


What’s the Skinny?


The coolest thing about the Burton Sweet Tooth is the Nug Raduction technology. This technology allows boarders to size the board down 4-5cm which will give the board a light and lively feel and give it a lower swing weight. Nug Raduction will allow you to take this board in a size 148 even if you usually size your board in the 152-153 range and will give you the same if not more performance. The Sweet Tooth also offers a rocker set up in the tip and tail and flat top technology in the middle of the board. The flat top in the middle offers a catch free ride so you can confidently slay the mountain without catching an edge and the rocker in the tip and tail will give you float in the deep stuff and playfulness in the park. All the overall technology put into the Burton Sweet Tooth will give riders a fun and responsive board all over the mountain and will aid in progressing your riding in many facets.


Who’s this Board for?


The Burton Sweet Tooth snowboard is going to be for the woman taking on the entire mountain with an emphasis on groomers and park. The twin shape and rocker technology will make this board excel in the park and the medium flex will hold up well on the groomers. The board is only a medium flex so it will not be the best board for someone charging hard down the front face of the mountain but this will be a good all around board for those looking to do a little bit of everything.



Rossignol FrenemyRossignol Frenemy Women's Snowboard


The Rossignol Frenemy is more a friend than an enemy and will work well with many different boarders’ personalities. The Frenemy is chocked full of technology and offers women the ability to shred so many facets of the mountain including park and powder but will hold its own on hard pack with no issue thanks to the serrated sidecut called MagTek technology. The Frenemy is no one trick pony and can adapt in many conditions in one single day giving it some major attitude compared to single use boards that get sketchy when taken all over the mountain.


What’s the Skinny?


The Frenemy is home to a host of technology including MagTek, Rad Cut, Magne Traction and more. The MagTek takes and combines magne traction and Rossi’s AmpTek rocker. This combination ensures you have the float needed when boarding through the deeper stuff and you will also have the magne traction to hold an edge on the hard pack and ice. So you now know you will have no problem in all conditions but to ensure you have ample control and a lot of fun the RadCut technology has got your back. RadCut offers a shorter traditional sidecut transition to reverse sidecut before the tip and tail which simply means this board will playful and edge to edge and will be smooth as silk.


Who’s this Board for?


The Rossignol Frenemy is going to be best for the all mountain boarder who is looking to spend a little time in the park, a little time in the front and can even take to the deeper stuff when a powder day hits. With good pop and a softer flex this board is going to be great for women that are in the intermediate to advanced range or for a beginner who is looking to progress their riding to the next level. So if you are an all mountain snowboarder looking for a board that will do it all and be playful along the way the Frenemy is going to be great for you!



GNU B-NiceGNU B-Nice Women's Snowboard


Have you ever wished you had a twin? Well, with the GNU B-Nice women’s snowboard your wishes have been answered. The GNU B-Nice is a true twin snowboard and is built to have a great time all over the mountain. Packed with all the top technology that GNU has to offer you will be enthralled with the performance of this snowboard. With no stone left unturned the B-Nice aims to please in the park or all over the mountain. And the artwork on the B-Nice is top notch getting the business end of the paintbrush from Alicia Tormey who is widely known for her use of unique materials and painting techniques. Trust us, there is not another board like this on the market.


What’s the Skinny?


Like we stated above the B-Nice from GNU is a true twin snowboard which means you can ride switch and land switch with ease. The B-Nice is a great park and freestyle board but can also be used all mountain thanks to BTX and magne traction. BTC is GNU’s all terrain rocker meaning you get rocker between your feet and camber in the tip and tail giving this board an easy riding feel and making it perform great jibbing or floating in powder. The magne traction will allow you to slice and dice the hard packed snow and ice easily so when you have to cut across the front face you can have a little fun carving hard and going fast.


Who’s this Board for?


The GNU B-Nice is for almost everyone! The technology lends the ability for nearly anyone to have a fun time on this snowboard from an expert to beginner. With a rocker design the newbies will find it easy to learn and not catch an edge and the camber in the tip and tail will allow those that want to take it up a notch to take advantage digging deep and going hard. Overall this board is going to be best suited for the freestyle snowboarder looking for something that will take her all over the mountain with ease and keep up in all conditions.


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