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2014 Rossignol Taipan AmpTek Snowboard Review

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All Mountain Freestyle boards are for carving and the park

Directional Twin -most common, tip/tail shape not identical

Medium - responsive yet forgiving for progressing riders

Our Price: $239.94

Reg. $349.99(31% OFF)

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Ian R.'s Review Rating:

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Hey, this is Ian. I just got done riding the Rossi Taipan in a 158. I give this board 3 out of 5 stars. It's for your beginner, all mountain inspiring rider. It's got a stiffer tail, so it is meant to be ridden slightly in more one direction. Stiffer tail if you do ollie, it will load up a lot easier. Auto Amptek, so it is cambered underneath your feet and rockered up in the tip and the tail. And it is geared for your beginner, all mountain rider, so it's just going to be very inspiring just kind of going out there and having fun. 3 out of 5 stars. Rossi Taipan.

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