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2015 Burton Cartel and Cartel EST Mens Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This here is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Cartel and Cartel EST Binding.


Levi, binding's been around forever, right? Great model. Tons of features and benefits for the advanced rider. Tell us a little bit about them. Yeah, this is a great binding for the, kind of, mid-level to advanced rider. It's a great mix of comfort and performance. And, like you said, this binding's been around for quite some time and for good reason, it's a great binding that does what you need without the added weight and bells and whistles of some of the higher end stuff but also has the response that a lot of even the pros are looking for. When you see riders on TV or in big competitions a lot of the time this is the binding they choose as well as, even just the intermediate riders out at your local resort so...A couple great features that set this binding apart from some others out there on the market are this new feature that we just added this year called the Flex Slider which basically allows this strap to just hang out of the way so you can get your foot in to that nice and easily, you're not stepping on it, breaking it, and for anybody that's skeptical of this being weaker now because of this flex point, we actually put a lifetime warranty on this because through the stretching process of this we've actually made it stronger than it was before so this thing's definitely going to last and, while we're talking about warranties, all Burton bindings have lifetime warranties on the basis and one of the reasons we do that is because with Burton not using big metal bases or anything like that, we want people to still have confidence in the strength of these so we throw a lifetime warranty on the base.


And the reason why Burton doesn't use metals is we actually want to allow this binding to flex with the board and that's a big thing with EST and Reflex as well. Reflex is going to allow that binding to flex with the board and EST even better. The thing with EST is it can only fit on Burton Channel boards but, yeah, both systems are going to open up the flex of the board and allow you even more board feel and cut away from any pressure points on the outside of your foot. Great. You got a lot of padding underfoot, you've got a little bit of shock absorption in the heel... Yep, there's what we call B3 Gel which is a gel that our scientists work hard on to find a material that doesn't get super-stiff in cold temperatures like a lot of other gels out there. So, we actually test these at negative 30 degrees Celsius to make sure they're not freezing and becoming harder than the other materials out there so... And then canting underfoot which isn't done by thickening the pad, per se, but changing the durometer. Yep, so we call this auto- cant. It's actually going to have a stiffer EVA on the outside of the foot and a little bit softer on the inside so the great thing with that is it adjusts to any width stance and it's not just a set stance width that you have to be at for that to feel comfortable. It kind of adjust to the rider.


Other great features on this binding are going to be the GetAGrip Cap Strap where it's got rubberized zones both on top and on bottom of this cap strap that really holds you right into one place right there. Help push you down and back in your binding. Also, we have the Living Hinge System on the highback here where you can adjust the forward lean of this binding by twisting this little knob here. And the great thing about that is it's all built in to the design of the binding so you don't have added parts that can fall off or break on this binding and you can still adjust the forward lean on it. So, all-around a great binding for the beginner to intermediate, or advanced intermediate rider and going to be a lot of features for the dollar. Great. Well, make sure to check out the Cartel and Cartel EST on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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