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2015 Burton Coco Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Levi from Burton. We're going to talk about the Burton Coco Boot.


Levi, pretty comfortable basic boot for women, right? Yep, definitely. This boot is kind of earned its spot in our line as being one of the more comfortable, easy-to-ride boots. And a couple things that help keep it nice and comfortable and easy-to-ride are the fact that its got what we call our DynoLite Outsole which is going to be a outsole that is super lightweight, probably almost lighter than a lot of people's tennis shoes, but then also with it being an EVA material, it's nice and soft so the rider can feel what's going on underneath their foot and really get a feel for the board and that's going to help keep it nice and easy to ride and they'll feel that flex and just keeps it nice and all-round easy, soft and comfortable.


And Total Comfort is actually a technology that you guys... Yep, yeah, Total Comfort is kind of an initiative sent from above. Jake Burton wanted to challenge our boot team to come up with the most comfortable boots in the world and basically one of the big things he wanted was to be able to pull a boot right out of the box and feel like you've already ridden it half the season and have it just feel like it's already yours and so Total Comfort is meant to do that by taking the laces up away from where your toes meet the rest of your foot and really cutting down on any pressure points or cramping zones so we want this boot to come right out of the box and feel like it's already at home on your foot and we do that through Total Comfort construction so... And just real soft flexing, very forgiving liner on it too, right? Yep, our Imprint 1 is going to be nice and warm and soft and comfortable.


So, great boot for the girl who's looking for a first time boot that she can go and learn on and will be very forgiving. Make sure to check out the Burton Coco on Thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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