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2015 Burton Concord Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Levi from Burton here. And we're going to talk about the Burton Concord Boa.


Really cool boot for you guys, new boot for you guys. Tell us a little bit about it. Yeah, definitely. This is the all new Concord Boa I have here in my hands. This boot actually is a prime example of our pairing up with Boa Technologies and that's what this little coil area you see here on the front is and something super awesome about this boot is you actually get one here on the side as well. So, this is what we call a Dual Boa and great thing with having not just one but two Boas on this boot is that you have 2 different zones of comfort so you've got a lower zone as well as an upper zone and you can really fine tune the way you want this boot to feel so top zone operates these few laces here. And bottom zone, controlled by this dial over here, operates these three laces so you can really zone in how you want this boot to fit.


And it utilizes Total Comfort, right? Correct. Total Comfort is where you see the laces kind of moving away from the toes of this rider and kind of coming up higher and that's to cut down on a pressure point or cramping zone so this boot is meant to be super comfortable right out of the box. We want you to be able to take this thing out hiking right away or get a full day of riding and not have your foot hurting at the end of it so Total Comfort as well as a new feature we're calling Total Warmth on this boot. What Total Warmth is we've actually upped the insulation in this boot as well as added a metal strobel underneath the liner which basically is meant to act like a heat blanket reflecting that warmth back up into the rider. Nice. And tell us a little bit about the liner. Yeah, the liner is one of our higher end liners. We call it our Imprint 3 Liner. It's meant to be both very warm and very comfortable but also uses some higher end materials that are meant to be more breathable as well as there's an anti-microbial coating to help this boot not get that wretched stink halfway through the season so very, very nice boot for the price. Plenty of support. Plenty of performance. A little bit stiffer. Yep, definitely.


A couple cool features that help keep this boot very lightweight but then still allow it to be supportive are going to be what we call wishbone technology where we actually stitch carbon rods up the sides of this boot so that we can cut down on some of the extra weight but still provide the rider with that added support. So, those carbon rods give you both rebound as well as support side-to-side. And the outsole, a lot of performance there as well, right? Yep, definitely. This is what we call our DynoLite EST Outsole and so we've got little B3 Gel patches built into the heel here to provide cushioning and B3 Gel is a gel that doesn't get super stiff in cold temperatures and then also, being DynoLite EST, this rider's going to feel what's going on underneath their foot, underneath their binding and in their board so makes it super comfortable and gives the rider even more feel and precision underneath their feet.


Great, so really ideal boot for that intermediate to advanced level guy looking for something with the added convenience of Boa and maybe they had been an Ambush rider back in the day and want to try the convenience of Boa, right? Yep, correct. And also another great thing about pairing up with Boa is they're kind of known in the industry for making a great closure system and we've been known in the industry for making a great boot and so now we're combining together, and also two great features behind Boa and Burton is the warranty system so this boot is covered both by Boa's lifetime warranty on their system as well as Burton's W48 warranty that covers the rest of the boot as well as the lacing system so...


Great. Well, there you go. Make sure to check out the Burton Concord Boa on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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