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2015 Burton Custom Mens Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Custom Binding.


So, Levi, the Custom's been around for years and years and years, it's one of the most popular bindings out there, who's it designed for? Yeah, like you said, it's been around for quite some time and one of the things that makes it so popular is its versatility. It's great for a beginning rider just getting into the sport as well as somebody that's been in it for 3-5 years. It's nice, easy binding to ride but then also has freestyle application as well with the softness and tweak-ability of it. It's great for a freestyle rider that's looking to tweak out some different grabs and what makes it great for that is it's nice and flexible in more ways than one. We use what's called a Reflex Base on it where the binding actually becomes flexible with the board so underneath your foot you're able to get a little bit more board feel and then it also takes away the stress points on the outside of your binding by being able to flex with the board and have nice continuous, even flexier board.


And then also it's got something we call the Gumbo Highback which allows that highback to really flex and twist and also makes it more durable. So, definitely great for beginners because it's nice and soft and predictable and easy-to-ride but then also great for that freestyle rider. And these are all parts that have trickled down from higher-end bindings in the past years, right? Yep, just two years ago this highback shape was up on our Cartel which is definitely a few steps up in the line but continuously Burton's inventing new stuff in the high end and sharing that love with bindings down below it so this is a nice zero-forward lean design that came down from the Cartel, down to the Mission and now it's all the way down to the Custom. And just the straps too have kind of been trickled down from... Yep, back, just a handful of years ago, the CapStrap was only on our Elite bindings and now it's trickled down all the way into the Custom. This CapStraps really nice. It really cups around the front of the toe. It has a little bit of rubberized grip built into the bottom of it to really grab the front end of your boot and hold it in place so it's not slipping up on you. Also, great feature as you're stepping from the freestyle is the fact that it's got tool-less adjustments on it where you can actually flip open the screw-cover and use it as a thumbscrew so you can adjust on the fly without having to go find that tool bench out at your local resort so pretty awesome.


So, really the entry-level or even the guy who's been riding for a couple years that wants to step out of the freestyle, wants some of the added benefits that the Custom has now... Yeah, it's a great affordable binding and the nice thing is too it's got a lifetime warranty on the base. This is a binding they can stand behind. Burton, rather than using metals, since we do care so much about flex, we use what's called a bombproof polycarbonate on this binding and it's really meant to flex with the board and also be very durable at the same time. Great.


Well, make sure to check out the Burton Custom on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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