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2015 Burton Genesis EST Mens Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Genesis EST Binding.


So, Levi, who is this binding really designed for? This is definitely geared more towards the advanced to intermediate level rider. Definitely a ton of great features on this thing that I always like to kind of call it the space binding when I'm thinking about it. Lots to talk about, right? Yeah, definitely. A couple of the really unique features to this binding are going to be both the kick back heel hammock that you get in the highback as well as the hammock ankle strap and both the main ideas behind these two features are going to be suspension with also immediate response in mind and it's kind of tough to combine the two but Burton did a great job of it here and the kick back heel hammock basically, there's this little bit of suspension side-to-side but when you really lean back into it, it really cups around your boot and holds you nice and tight in there and kind of grips around the outside and same with the ankle strap as well. You've got a little bit of suspension when you're not really leaning into it but once you lean into it, this X across the front provides nice, immediate support and response so you get that comfort and cushioning of a support system there but then immediate response out of the different other features on there. Yeah, actually, was a little apprehensive originally and then tried this strap on the Escapade and it's just very comfortable, lightweight, kind of minimalistic but plenty of performance out of it. Yeah, definitely.


As you're talking about lightweight and minimalistic, this binding is definitely at the forefront of that. You'll notice that there's not a ton of EVA padding or anything like that or different materials on top of this, it's actually made with very little glue where a lot of other bindings will use glue which help keep it more eco-friendly. We're not using harmful materials and constructing this, it's all very mechanical... yeah, lightweight. Precise. Yep, very precise. Couple other cool features that we've added to this binding this year, one is the flex slider here which allows that ankle strap to really flop down out of the way so you can get your foot in there nice and easily. Then also we added a little bend to the double take ladder system with Insta-Click so this lines up nice and easily right there. And, cool thing with this buckle system is its different than all the other ones out there. We've actually turned the teeth on this ladder strap on an angle so you've got more surface area, more torque to really crank down that buckle and the side that actually holds you in is the back of this strap so the great thing with that is it's able to pull you in and hold you in all at the same time with different parts of this buckle so it makes it super-great hold and you can really crank these down and it's on both the toe and ankle straps. Very neat system. Also, on the base of this binding, this is the EST version here which is geared to go with the Burton Channel board but we do some awesome cushioning down here.


We've got a system we call Auto-Cant which uses a softer EVA on the inside and a harder EVA on the outside so on hard landings it'll naturally cant your foot to take away some of that sideways pressure on your knees and ankles. The great thing with the Auto-Cant system as opposed to actually adding material on the outside and taking away on the inside is it adjusts to any rider's stance so whether you have a narrow stance or a wide stance, it'll adjust to the amount of pressure that's coming down on it so... And you've got the gel in the heel as well, right? Yep. So a little bit of added shock absorption. Yep. This is called B3 Gel too, it's not just any gel, it's some gel that our nerdy scientists back in Burlington came up with to really stay nice and soft in cold temperatures. A little known fact is that a lot of gels in cold temperatures like we see in winters, they become stiffer than sometimes even plastics in cold temperatures and B3 Gel is a gel that they worked hard to find that doesn't get super-stiff in cold temperatures like other gels out there so... Great. And, baseplate actually hinges, correct? Yep. This is an awesome feature. It's one of my favorite that allow you to have a little bit of side-to-side play without sacrificing any heel-to-toe response so when you think about the motion you make when you go to ollie on a snowboard you roll a little bit backwards and then pop forward and then that hinge that will pin right through the back there allows that binding to have just that minimal amount of side-to-side play so that really can lift up the nose and tail of that board and kind of get a skateboard-like ollie coming out of your snowboard which is definitely always a goal of our binding team to be able to open up the ollie power of a snowboard so... Great.


So, this really is a high-performance but minimalistic kind of approach to binding for that advanced level guy looking to do everything, go everywhere. Yep, great thing about it too is it's not going to be too stiff. It's going to still have the comfort and suspension out of those two systems but then, yeah, be lightweight and precise like the super-advanced bindings out there so... Great. Well, make sure to check out the Genesis EST on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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