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2015 Burton Highline Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Highline Boot.


So, Levi, this boot's kind of a big deal for you guys, right? Yeah, definitely. This is the first year Burton has teamed up with Boa and it's kind of an awesome partnership to talk about. We're taking Burton boots which have kind of been known for being some of the greatest boots out there and combining our development team with that of Boa who has come up with this great closure system that's definitely infiltrated our industry and so combining these two great things together should make one amazing product in the Highline Boa Boot so... So, for those who haven't used Boa before, tell us a little bit about the simplicity of it. Yeah, it's a great system where you actually use the dial to twist it closed and it's self-locking, it actually, you can tighten it, tighten it and it just stays tight throughout the day and when you want to get out you pop the dial open and it opens right away. Great thing with our system too is we're using Boa's coiler dial where when you open up the tongue, it recoils on itself so you have less winding to do once you start trying to tighten your boot so this is going to be nice and quick and easy to get in-and-out of at the resort and, yeah, easy to fine tune when you're on the lift as well. Reach down, give it a couple extra cranks and it tightens it up a bit.


Definitely, and then, like I said, combining it with some of the great features that you get on a lot of other Burton boots like Shrinkage Technology where you can actually cut down the footprint of your boot by a full size by we get rid of all the extra materials and riding a size 9 boot it has the footprint of most other brand sized 8 so you're able to fit them into smaller bindings. Say you've got that big foot, it helps cut down on toe or heel drag or anything like that so combining Boa with some of Burton's great systems it just makes it an all-around awesome boot. Also all new for this year, in the Burton line, is something called Sleeping Bag Tech and this is a feature that we came up with in some higher end stuff in the last few years but really trickled it throughout the line and so basically it's kind of like having a little emergency blanket right underneath your foot there and helping reflect the heat back up to you. And you're warm and comfortable and... Yeah. It's part of our Total Warmth Initiative and that's kind of following up our Total Comfort Initiative. This boot has something we call Total Comfort where it's meant to feel great right out of the box and that kind of came from Jake himself. He challenged our boot developers to really cut down on the break-in time of our boots and by moving some different laces around and really studying how a boot has pressure points on a foot and distribute them nice and evenly throughout, we've really cut down on the break-in time and we'd like to think that you could take this right out of the box and take it on a nice long hike up the resort and come riding down without feeling any cramps or pressure points so...


Yeah, and one of the things that I don't know if it had anything to do with the intent of it but one of the nice things about using a cable system with Total Comfort is that moving the cables further up the boot, you know, Boa, one of the very few times I've ever seen anybody break it is because they're resting their board on their boot and with Total Comfort, because you're moving those laces higher up the boot, you're not going to be resting your laces like that. Yep, a lot of people do end up resting their board on their boot going up the chairlift but with Total Comfort the laces have actually moved so far up that you pretty much eliminate that risk of slicing through the cord or anything like that so Total Comfort both helps make it more comfortable and keeps it lasting longer so... And, of course, Boa's backed... By, yep, these boots are backed by not just one but two warranties. the Burton W48 Warranty System as well as Boa's Lifetime Guarantee so...


Great, well a lot of bells and whistles there. Great boot for the entry-to-mid-level guy. Make sure to check out the Burton Highline on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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