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2015 Burton Imperial Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Imperial.


Levi, who is this boot for? This boot is going to be a great boot for that intermediate to advanced rider definitely with some features that bridge even more up towards that advanced type of stuff you'd kind of come to expect from boots like the Ion so a lot of riders nowadays that have been used to the Ion for years they might feel weird about buying a boot separate, that's different than the Ion. A lot of the features that used to be on the Ion and kind of trickled down and even then some, it's got a ton of features for the price basically.


So, let's start with the basics - the lacing system. It's got Speedzone, right? Yep, this is our upgraded Speedzone which has a little bit nicer handles to it which were developed in our rapid prototype machine which is pretty cool, and so you can really dial in your comfort. You got a lower zone and an upper zone and you can really fine-tune that. It's something that you can adjust on the fly quick and easy and it's a really great system that's kind of trusted throughout the Burton line up. And Total Comfort is something that you guys have on all your boots as well, right? Yep, Total Comfort is something that came up from the top. Jake kind of challenged our boot developers to make all of our boots that much more comfortable out of the box and he wanted to be able to take any boot right out of the box and take it hiking and not get cramps in his feet so our developers really focused on where cramping points came from and just making these boots more comfortable and one of the ways they did that is they moved the laces up away from where your toes meet the rest of your foot and it really made that boot that much more comfortable right out of the box and so last year a big push of ours was the Total Comfort and this year we've backed it up with something we call Total Warmth where we've really focused on the warmth of the boot and one of the ways that we did that was we added a metal strobel underneath the liner of the boot that's meant to reflect heat back up into the rider's foot and keep them nice and warm throughout the day. Great thing with that is if you're taking this boot hiking or anything like that where your boot's constantly under some deeper snow it's going to definitely reflect that warmth back up into foot and keep you warm throughout the day.


Also, a great feature for hiking or even just that slippery parking lot is the rubber spikes on the toe and heel of this boot in the sole as well as the Vibram Outsole. We've got super deep teeth on the Vibram Outsole that are just going to keep you gripping and comfortable. Great, and how about the overall flex performance of the boot? Yeah, this is going to be definitely a little bit more on the more responsive side. I won't necessarily call it the stiffest boot by any means but it's a great mix of comfort and performance so you've still got some flex and comfort forward where you'd like it but then as you're leaning back on that heelside edge or leaning out towards the nose or heel, you've got a ton of support that riders that are, say, going off big jumps or carving at higher speeds are looking for. Great.


Well there you go. A great boot for the advanced-intermediate to advanced rider looking for something with a little bit more performance, plenty of comfort features. Make sure to check it out on Thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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