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2015 Burton Malavita Mens Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Levi from Burton and we've got the Burton Malavita.


So, who is this binding designed for? This binding's going to be great for an intermediate to advanced rider also geared towards that all-mountain freestyle type rider with a little bit more emphasis on the freestyle side of things but still great for just the all-mountain rider as well. Cool, and what makes it kind of that ideal binding? Yeah, in my opinion it's got the best mix of comfort and performance out there. This is my favorite binding actually and you'll see a lot of pros that think the same too not even guys that are riding for our brand but guys riding for other brands you see this paired with their board as well. And, a couple great features that make it so awesome, one of my favorites, is the Heel Hammock that you got right in the back of the highback here which it's this rubbery material that really grips around to the back of your boot and provides a little suspension system back there as well. Helps really hold your foot down and back in that binding.


And also, as it's holding it down back there there's this great cushioning system we call B3 Gel which is a type of gel that Burton's scientist found to not get super-stiff in cold temperatures like other gels out there. And then this year, the Malavita got a couple awesome updates to it as well. One of the great ones is on the ratchet and strap system here, it's a new buckle we call the Double Take Buckle with Insta-Click and great thing with this is, from the second you get this strap in there it starts holding right away, it gets a click on there and that's that Insta-Click that I was talking about and then the Double Take is because we actually turn these teeth onto the side and you're able to get more clicks per rotation and then it also has with them being at angle has a little bit more surface area so you're able to get more torque onto there so really great hold. You can really get these nice and tight and it's a nice smooth-gliding buckle as well. It's kind of...the ladder strap is actually kind of bent in a little bit so it just slides right in. Yep, that was a new change for this year as well is adding the little bend to the end of here so it just slide right in there even easier and that's also on the toe strap down here as well so... Great new ratchet system.


Also, on the other side of the strap here we added, what we call, our Flex Slider which allows this ankle strap to really stay out of the way as you're trying to get into your binding. Nice and simply and easy to use. It basically, when you take off that strap, it folds out of the way and it's nice and easy to fold right back into place. And, for any skeptics out there worrying about the durability of this, through the stretching process, the strap actually became stronger and so we put a lifetime warranty on this new piece here. And that lifetime warranty, like all other Burton bindings too, goes down onto the full base of this binding so Burton has a lifetime warranty on the base of the binding as well as this new Flex Slider and one of the reasons why we do that is because we're not using metal in our bases, we're using plastics because we want this binding to be able to flex but we also want you to have confidence in it as well. And part of the reason we want this binding to be able to flex is so that you can get some added board feel and also, in the Reflex version, it's going to take away the pressure points on the outside of the binding because it opens up the entire flex of the board and you can actually get that flex right underfoot so... In terms of feel and how the binding kind of puts your foot position on the board, the canting underfoot. Oh yeah, definitely. We use what we call our Auto Cant Sensory Bed on these things and you've actually got a softer EVA on the inside and a little bit stiffer on the outside and the great thing with that is it can adjust to different rider stance widths and it's not technically for a wide or narrow stance, it will adjust to the rider that's on top of it. Yeah, you're not doing it by thickening the actual footbed, right? Yep, just changing the softness of the inside versus the outside so... Cool.


And how about the actual strap on here? Because it's a fairly thin, lightweight strap, right? But it provides support where you need it. Yep, definitely. When you look at this thing stretched out you can tell that the outside is a lot thicker than the inside and one of the reasons that that's there is so that the rider can really lean out towards the nose or tail of their board and still feel that support there so... and then also we get rid of any of those gels or cushionings in the strap and make it have a little bit more surface area that way it reacts right away, you don't have to squish through the gel before the binding does what you want it to but then, with that added surface area, it's just as comfortable as other bindings with gel so...


Great, well make sure to check out the Malavita on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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