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2015 Burton Rampant Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This here is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Rampant Boot.


So, Levi, this is your boot, right? Oh yeah, it's one of my favorite in our line up. Great thing with it is it's super soft and comfortable but then also has some built-in support for some of the more advanced rider so it's great for kind of anywhere up from beginner- intermediate all the way up to advanced as well. If you're looking for something soft, right? Yep. It's a very versatile boot and a couple great features on it are going to be something very unique to our boot line up that we call Crossbone Tech where there's actually a carbon rod stitched into the outside but then on the inside of the boot it has an articulating cuff so you can flex inward and really get down and grab your board but then also as you're leaning out towards the nose or the tail, that carbon rod provides a lot added support as well as rebound so it keeps it nice and stiff and responsive in the areas where you're looking for that stiffness or responsiveness but then also soft in there where you're looking for some tweakability and that comfort so...


And plenty of comfort too, right? You've got a couple different... Yeah, there's a few different cushioning things. There's something we call B3 Gel in the heel which is a gel that's meant to not get super stiff in cold temperatures as well as our DynoLite EST Sole in this. Basically it's meant to kind of flex with the board and you can really feel what's going on underneath your foot and, especially when you pair it with an EST or Reflex Binding, you can really sense that flex of the board and really feel what's going on so... A little bit of upgrade in the liner from, say, the Moto or the Highline, some of the lower models, right? Yep, definitely. It moves up to our Imprint 2 Liner which becomes both more responsive. It has a little bit more rebound built into it as well as a little bit more plushness and comfort. We've got something we call Man Fur built into the top of that boot where you get a nice, plush light lay of fur up along the ankle to make it that much more plush to stick your foot into and also, as in the rest of the Burton line up, there's a couple features. One being Total Comfort Construction where boot's really develop to have a very small break-in time. We would like to expect a rider to be able to take this right out of the box and head straight to the hill without having cramps in their foot.


And then also it's got something we call Total Warmth through a feature we call Sleeping Bag Tech where we've actually put a metal strobel underneath the rider's foot and it's meant to reflect heat. It's kind of like a little emergency blanket down there reflecting heat up onto the rider's foot, so... Cool. So, lots of great features, performance features, but it's still a some-what softer flexing boot. Yep. Really can kind of play around with it a little, right? Yeah, definitely. And it's kind of right in that intermediate easy price to grab for most riders out there so... a couple great steps up from our beginner stuff but then a lot of bells and whistles at a low price for some of your more advanced riders as well. Great.


Well, make sure to check out the Burton Rampant at and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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