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2015 Burton Scribe and Scribe EST Womens Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Scribe and Scribe EST.


So, who's this binding designed for? This is great for anywhere from a beginner all the way up into intermediate almost all the way to advanced. It's a very versatile binding. Kind of right in the middle of our line up. Couple features that make it nice and great for beginners are going to be this Gumbo Highback which is super soft and tweakable that's also great for a freestyle rider. But then also as a step up from like a Stiletto or a Citizen, you're moving into a stiffer base material here which is our nerdy terminology of 30% shard glass nylon composite but basically what that means is it's going to be more responsive heel to toe but then still have that soft, flexible comfort in the highback. So, somebody can progress still have that soft, flexible comfort in the highback. So, somebody can progress but at a level they're comfortable at. The binding's not going to be out-performing them. It's going to help them kind of move up. Precisely.


And also another great comfort feature on this binding as a step up from Citizen and Stiletto is the nice, soft, cushy ankle strap here. It's filled with gel, it's going to be nice and comfortable and cushy for that rider and very plush. Also, the toe strap is an upgrade as well. You're getting our GetAGrip CapStrap where it's got rubber on top and bottom really helping that toe strap cup around the front of your boot, help push you down and back and it's going to stay in place all day long which is a great feature. Also, you said that we make this in EST and Reflex, EST is going to be where we mount on the outside here of the binding and that's geared to go directly onto Burton's Channel Boards and then also Reflex is a system similar where we're trying to get some added flex underfoot for that rider and it's going to take away from stress on the outside of the binding and help your board last longer and also give you more board feel right underneath your boots so both are great systems. EST is going to go above and beyond in flex and then Reflex is nice because it can be put on any brand of board. Comes with 4-hole plates, 3-hole plates as well as plates to allow it to fit onto the Channel System so very versatile. And still its going to give you a little bit more flex and feel than a traditional disc binding than if you go Reflex over EST.


Yep, and as we're talking about bases, as with every other Burton binding out there, all the bases are going to come with a lifetime warranty so Burton doesn't use a bunch of metal because, like I said, we love talking about our flex stories but we also want you to have confidence in our plastics so we put a lifetime warranty on these things. These are bullet proof, bomb proof and, yeah, just ready to take a beating. Great, so again, that's the Burton Scribe, Scribe EST. Great binding for the girl, mid-level girl, who's looking to progress. Make sure to check it out on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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