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2015 Burton Starstruck Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Starstruck Boa.


Levi, this is a very important women's boot for you guys this year, right? Yeah, definitely. It's an exciting new one and one of the things that make it nice and exciting and new is the fact that we've teamed up with Boa on this one so one great company that's been developing closure systems for a while combining with what I like to think is the world's best boot brand coming together to make probably one of the more sought-after boots for the year. This boot is going to be super convenient, nice and easy to get on and off the user's foot and we're using Boa's coiler boa where when you open up the tongue, the tongue actually retracts back into place with the coiler system. Rather than having to crank forever, all the line all loose... Yep, and another great thing about teaming up with a company like Boa, is they've put a lot of work into their warranty and they stand by these things for life and so you're combining two great warranties together here too: Burton's W48 which covers the boot - within 48 hours of them getting it they have either a new product or repaired product back on the way to you. And then Boa stands by their system for life as well so... Yeah, I think Boa's huge for women's boots. We sell a ton of it for women specifically just because it really gives you the ability to have leverage over bending your laces where sometimes, someone like myself, I can't get them quite as tight as I want. With Boa, again, it's easy. Yep, definitely. There's a little bit of gearing to that that helps make it nice and easy to twist super tight and like you said it stays nice and tight throughout the day.


Also, this boot is going to be comfortable throughout the day. It's got a few great things built into it, one being something we call Total Comfort Construction where basically Jake Burton kind of challenged our boot developers to make a boot that was super comfortable right out of the box that they could take out of the box and go hiking with and not feel any cramping points or pressure points and so through a couple different tweaks on both the lacing and kind of the entire construction of the boot we made these things super comfortable right out of the box. Also, uses a DynoLite Outsole which is going to be very lightweight and give the rider a ton of board feel so they can feel what's going on underneath the boot as well as what's going on with the board. Great. So, maybe the girl who's ridden the Mint in the past and wants something with a little bit of added convenience to it, it's a great boot for them to check out, right? Yeah, definitely.


All right, well make sure to check out the Starstruck Boa on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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