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2015 Flow Five GT Hybrid Mens Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Tim from Flow and we're going to talk about the Flow 5 GT with the hybrid strap.


So, we've got a lot going on here, a lot to differentiate it from the regular 5. Tell us a little bit about it. Yeah, the GT is just a little higher performance binding than the 5 would be. It still utilizes the 15% fibergalss POM material in the baseplate so very forgiving and flexible underfoot. But here we've added the aluminum highback or aluminum heel cup with a three-piece highback design. This one can be canted in or out for the rider's needs so if somebody rides a lot of angle, you can line that up with the heel of the calf, back of the calf, rather. Nice soft, kind of, flexible urethane highback on here so good in the park, good really forgiving for landings and that kind of thing. With the big, heavy-duty ratchet buckles on here that lock in place with the set-it-forget-it feature and again to lighten the binding up we've gone to an EVA type foam underneath the binding eliminating a lot of the plastic.


Great, and talk a little about the hybrid strap. Yeah, the hybrid strap is something we introduced 2 years ago in an effort to attract more of a let's say, the people who have been riding toe strap bindings in the past. Our traditional one-piece has been great and it has a very, very strong following but we wanted to appeal to a broader market of customers. There are people out there that truly love the way a toe strap feels and how it pushes your heel in the heel pocket. And we wanted to be able to offer them an alternative. Great. So it functions similar feels similar to a regular strap binding but still functions like a Flow Binding. Absolutely. That's the feature that is found in every single Flow Binding. And still good for sort of the entry-mid level... Absolutely. Somebody that is joining the sport, buying maybe their first set up, that is an athlete, that knows he's going to, you know, continue to progress, this would be a good investment. You could put it on your first board, your second board, whatever, all the way to an advanced level rider that likes the feel of a softer flex underfoot.


Great. Well make sure to check out the 5 GT hybrid on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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