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2015 Flow Helios Focus Boa Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Tim from Flow and we're going to talk about the Flow Helios Focus Boot.


So, Tim, we were just talking, you had mentioned that you're a big Focus Boa guy. Tell us a little bit about this boot. Yeah, the Helios is a new design for us this season. Very, very lightweight as you can see. One-piece toe design that you can see, kind of becoming a Flow standard, if you will. It's featured on almost all of our boots now but what I really like about the DualZone Boa is that you can tighten each of the zones specifically. This top ratchet right here is working right across the top of the foot whereas the one on the side is cranking the lower portion of the boot itself and really getting that tight. You know, it allows the rider to truly pinpoint where the boot might be loosening up as they're riding. In addition to that, nice lightweight EVA Foam liner on the inside that will take on the shape of the foot.


Also, an internal harness that works on a Speed Lace System that as you pull this, it's got a harness wrapping around the liner and truly locking the foot back into place. No chance for heel lift whatsoever out of this boot, that's for sure. Performance-wise, it's going to be, you know, an entry-level rider that likes the convenience of the DualZone for sure but really it's geared towards the advancing type rider. Intermediate to advanced or again, somebody that really likes the idea of the DualZone Boa. In the sole itself, nice and grippy but we started adding some of what we call OC Kush here. It's a pad that actually spreads out throughout the entire heel for impact on landing and that kind of thing just to give the rider a much more smoother ride and also helps control vibrations. What would you say the flex is like? I'd put it in the medium range to a little bit on the stiffer side so again probably perfect for somebody that uses the entire mountain, you know, yes, they might go into the park but, you know, freeride more and want a boot that's more responsive and can perform in the backcountry or off-snow or if, say, you take a trip out west, you want something that's quicker edge-to-edge for sure.


Great, well if you're the intermediate to advanced level guy looking for plenty of convenience and a lot of other features as well, make sure to check it out on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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