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2015 Flow Micron Kids Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This here is Tim from Flow and we're going to talk about the Flow Micron.


Great binding for the little guys. Tell us a little bit about it. I mean, this is more of a tweener binding, if you will. I mean, we do make even smaller of course, but we at Flow, we really take our junior business very, very serious, I mean, obvious reasons they're the future of the sport and we're actively trying to grow the sport. But, a lot of kids love this binding, this set up, because of its convenience. Mom and dad love it because of it's convenience because, you know, the kid can get in and out of the binding real simply on his own, right off the bat. No more sitting in the snow or any of that stuff. the Micron here features a couple things.


You have EVA foam in the toe and heel of the binding to kind of lock the boot in place and also provide some shock absorption. The mini-ratchet buckles on here so you can adjust this while you're in the binding so if the foot should be moving around a little bit you can just crank it down for him and a forward lean adjustment that's featured over here on the side that's real easy to adjust. This is probably something that dad would set up for him once he puts the boot inside there or maybe the shop itself might. Slightly rockered on the baseplate so that the board can flex. You know, remember with junior kids, it's very important that the board is flexible because they're not carrying a lot of weight.


What's neat about this binding is that it'll grow with the kid as well. Currently it's set up, it'll fit from say a size roughly around a 4, it depends on the brand but you can actually move this highback back once the child's foot is getting bigger and bigger. They would probably bring it into the shop or something like that but you can actually lengthen the entire binding and accommodate all the way up to an adult size 9 in this binding so it will grow with the child which is kind of cool and mom and dad love to hear that so... I think too, mom and dad are always trying to pass stuff down and this is a good, quality binding that they can pass it down to little brother or little sister and quality is there for it to hold up for, you know, years to come, right? Absolutely. Absolutely. This is based on an adult binding that's a proven winner that we've been working with for 5-6 years, at least. Great.


Well then, make sure to check out the Flow Micron on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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