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Black Friday Preview
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2015 Flow Minx Womens Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Tim from Flow and we've got the Flow Minx and Minx Hybrid here.


So, Tim, who's the Minx for really? The Minx and the Minx Hybrid are kind of the sister bindings to a very popular binding in the men's called the Five. Essentially they're very, very similar. You have a 15% fiberglass baseplate here, 15% fiberglass highback. That's going to be in the medium range for flex so it's going to appeal to, say, an entry-level rider who wants a high-performance style binding or a binding they can advance with right up to an advance level rider who likes a little bit softer flex underfoot. So, it really runs the whole gambit. Some other features that are found on the Minx and the Minx Hybrid, excuse me, are these heavy-duty ratchet buckles that once you break in the strap, you just merely lock this into place and you're set to go for the rest of the season. You'll just be merely opening the highback and sliding your foot in there and closing it up. Very, very simple. Very convenient. Very comfortable.


You have a Forward Lean Adjustment that's featured right up on the highback itself. Easy to do on the fly, you can do this you know anywhere on the hill if you decided you needed some more forward lean, the conditions maybe icy and you need more power to the edge. We milled out the baseplate a little bit and put in these EVA foam pad making the binding extremely lightweight. So, tell me a little bit about the Hybrid Strap, maybe why would, you know, a girl who's been on a traditional strap binding maybe for a year or 2 looking for something... Yeah, a lot Yeah, I mean, the Hybrid Strap came about in an attempt for us to appeal to people that are riding the traditional or riding a toe strap style binding. Some people find it a lot more comfortable and love the feeling of the toe strap actually going across the top of the boot and pushing the heel of the boot back into the heelcup. So, if your friends or whatever have been riding toe strap bindings but you like the idea of a Flow, you know, reclining highback, we can accommodate you. We have both. So, then they'd want the Minx Hybrid is what.. Absolutely. Great.


Well, make sure you check out the Flow Minx Hybrid and the regular Flow Minx on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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