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2015 Giro Field Goggle Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and joined today by John from Giro. John, thanks for joining us. Oh, right on, man.


So, today we're talking about the Field Goggle. Building off of the Onset, a men's goggle that Giro's now been doing for a few years, it's just incredible, now, getting a women's version and taking a very big fitting goggle, making it a little smaller so now the ladies can enjoy such an incredible performing goggle. Yeah, right on. For sure. You know, and like you said, kind of born from the mindset of where the Onset has lived with that EXV, that Expansion View Technology, that Giro created, Giro engineered, Giro approved that that's the biggest field of view out there and the women are like, all right, hold on, time out, where's our's? And so the crew at in house at the dome came together with the field, put it out there and the women, I mean, my wife first up was like oh my gosh, this isn't even fair how much more I can see.


Oh yeah, it really is unbelievable and then building off of that, adding the Zeiss lenses to them to. Yeah, so now she's got the field of view that the guy's had, she's got her own platform in terms of frames and shapes and styles but the cool thing is now with that Zeiss lens, she's got awesome optic clarity. It is a spheric lens, it is taper-corrected, it is a double lens, you know, fully vented on the top so she's got the top performance for the gal that gets out there regardless of the conditions and with Giro, we have a ton of different lens tints and whether it's a sunny day or a cloudy day, a little overcast or whether we're getting blessed with fresh snow.


For sure, and the fit is awesome on these goggles. A little lower profile and they fit so well especially with helmets. I mean, helmets are everywhere now. There's almost more people wearing helmets now than were, yeah there really is, and the fit with a helmet is unbelievable. Well, clearly, you know, with women what we see is we're wearing more small and medium helmets when we get into the women's range so we needed a little more of a compact fit so it is Super Fit Engineered which shows that it sinks into all the women's helmets that Giro builds or somebody else might or if you just want to roll a hat but you said comfort and it is a Triple Plush Face Foam on the back, it has a microfleece, so it's just really soft on your face which is nice. Yeah, which it really is a nice feature and under-rated feature, I think. I love it. Yeah, really cool goggle: the Field. Taking that great field of view, great performing goggle and now getting a women's fit for it.


John, thanks for joining us. Oh, for sure. And thank you for joining us on and

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