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2015 Oakley Airwave Goggle Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and joined today by Josh from Oakley. Josh, thanks for joining us. Nice to be here.


We're talking about a really cool goggle right now, the Oakley Airwave. This goggle was new for the 13-14 season and just absolutely crushed it. Super exciting goggle. Yeah, it's really everything centers around the head's up display so you have a screen inside, it's not in your field of vision but you can look down and see what it's sort of all about and some of the features that you'll get on that is, first of all, there's an app that we have, a free Oakley app that has a friend finder on there so if you have friends that you add to your friend list on the app, you can see where they at on the mountain at all times. It gives you jump analytics so as many rotations as you're going to do, it'll tell you how many, your maximum speed, your median speed, just sort of all kinds of cool options and features that we're giving it. It's sort of next level.


And all of these features that it comes with are things that people buy other devices to get all this information, you know, your speed and your jump analytics and all that and now you're getting it all in your goggle and all right there where you can see it. And you can actually, everything's powered by the remote control so the wrist band that you have here so you don't have to actually touch the goggle or mess with it at all, it's all right here on your wrist and you can even change your music listings straight from that, see what your music is on the actual screen inside the goggle so it's kind of like everything in one. It has a little bit higher price point but it's sort of something that's needed on something that has so much technology built into it and you still get all the awesome features that Oakley has on all their goggles but built into a super high tech recon device. For sure, and then kind of coming down the pipeline for this goggle is being able to watch videos from your GoPro. Yeah, we're sort of in a preliminary talks with GoPro to do sort of a co-lab with them so you shoot your video going down the hill then you can watch it on the chairlift back up. Perfect.


So, there you have it. The Airwave comes with so many features. All the analytics you could possibly want while you're skiing or riding and it's all right there in a goggle. Check it out on and Josh, thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me. And thank you for joining us.

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