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2015 POC Cornea Goggle Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and joined today by Jeff from Poc. Jeff, thanks for joining us.


So, we're talking about the POC Cornea Goggle. Really cool goggle in this line, probably my favorite goggle on this line. What's the biggest factor in this goggle? What really makes this goggle stand out from the rest of the line? Well, we are really well known for all our race goggles but this one has 2 different things. We moved to Carl Zeiss lenses, a big uptick in the lens quality but the outriggers on the goggles make a big difference too so the outriggers allow the goggle to fit out over any helmet not just a POC and stay close to the face the whole time. For sure, and going back real quick to that Carl Zeiss, you're starting to see it more in the goggle world, so, I mean, it's amazing, the optical clarity on those lenses is just insane. Well, we use anti-fog, anti-scratch on the inside, they're polycarbonate lenses, super durable and Carl Zeiss is known for making some of the best optics out there so... For sure. Definitely.



So, you add the outriggers, a really soft, comfortable face foam against your face, not a lot of pressure points, really no pressure points on your face. Such a comfortable fit. Taking a great goggle, lots of field of view and all that and giving it such a clear lens and the outriggers to fit on your face so well, especially with a helmet. Exactly, and with POC, the whole thing is safety and the massive field of vision allows for a lot better clarity and seeing what's coming from the side... Absolutely. Fewer blind spots. Right. So, that makes a big difference. The outriggers help it fit close to the face so you get the full view. You mentioned foam, a three layer foam, so super soft going against your skin. A more dense foam up against the goggle. We also use silicone on the strap itself so it stays on, stays in place. If you don't have a goggle clip, it'll stay on until you flick off the back of the chairlift. Definitely. We've all done that, right? Um, yeah.



So there you have it, the Cornea from POC. Really cool goggle. My favorite goggle on this line. Huge fan of it. Jeff, thanks for joining us. Absolutely. And thank you for joining us on and


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