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2015 POC Skull Light II Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and joined today by Jeff from POC. Jeff, thanks for joining us. Absolutely.


Today we're talking about the POC Skull Light II. Kind of a cool helmet in the line. For those of you, it probably looks pretty similar to a Skull X, really kind of based off that shape but then some tweaks to it to make it a little different fit for the customer. Right. For those that like that fit, they've known the Skull X was our number one race helmet for years and years so it's that same shape but what we do is we remove the hard ear flaps and put on soft ear flaps on it. That lightens it up too. These are removable so you can wash them. It does have the venting with penetration barriers on it too so that's a big plus. And it's adjustable on the back so you can crank it for the adjustment, size. For sure, just makes it a little more comfortable to keep on your head all day.


And because it comes from the Skull series, it is a full EPP Liner so it's a multi-impact helmet so it doesn't skimp at all in the safety aspect and protection of the helmet. For sure. And then a nice liner on the inside of it too. Yep, comes with a great liner that's, again, easily washable. But the key to the helmet is that the venting, the lightweight and people who like that Skull fit they can stick with it and still get all the protection that they need from it. Definitely. That's kind of the customer here is someone that likes that Skull fit but is still more... Right. Right. Yeah, isn't so freestyle looking, wants a helmet that has more of a conservative look to it, I suppose. More race-oriented. But it's really a freeride type of helmet, type of look so...


Awesome. Well there you have it, that's the Skull Light II from POC. Jeff, thanks for joining us. Sure. And thank you for joining us here on and

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