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Black Friday Preview
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2016 Burton Ambush Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there, welcome to The Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna, this is Levi from Burton and this is the Burton AMB boot. Levi, who is this boot designed for? Well this boot, as it's name suggests, is designed for the all mountain rider, AMB standing for that. It's going to be a great light weight comfortable boot that has some amazing performance features built in. To start them off I'll point out that we've got the Grip Lite Backstay which provides both added support compared to some lower-end models but then also provides a ton of grip into your binding. Also, back here on the back side of the boot is going to be what we call Wish Bone technology, where we've got some carbon rods here that provide some added support and the carbon actually helps transition you through turns because as you flex forward that carbon has a great rebound which is going to help flex you back into your next edge. Carbon also being a great weight saver as well.


And lots of comfort underfoot as well, too, right? Yeah, definitely. We've got B3 gel down here, we've also got our EST sole which is a dyna-lite EVA, where you're really close in contact with the board. It's very low profile so you can really feel what's going on underneath your foot, especially if you couple that with a Burton EST binding and the channel system that Burton has out there. Definitely going to be the ultimate in terms of comfort and performance Moving up to the lacing system here too, this is also Burton's unique speed zone lacing where you've got an upper and a lower zone. Upper zone being these top three laces and lower zone being the lower three.


You can really fine tune how you want that to feel. It's very simple and easy to use all you do is pull up and back to lock and then pull forward to unlock it, so I'd say it's as quick as any other convenience system out there, if not quicker and also very easy to adjust. And this is the point in the line when you move up to the Imprint3 liner as well, right? Yeah, definitely. The Imprint 3 has a couple key steps up from the Imprint 2 such as moisture wicking fabrics, also an anti-microbial coating in there and just going to be the great liner in our line that's going to be both comfort and performance driven. Great, well if you're an all mountain guy, solid-intermediate level rider, make sure to check the AMB on and thanks for watching The Morning Shred.

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