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2016 Burton Coco Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna, this is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Coco boot. Levi, this is a great little bit for the girl who's looking for something to start off on, isn't it? Yeah, correct, it's going to be a very comfortable and light weight boot that just allows for progression for sure.


It's going to be just as comfortable as your typical walking shoe and probably just as light. A couple ways Burton is able to do that is this Dynolite EVA sole so it's going to really shave down on any added weight there and then also it's going to provide a great feel for what's going on underneath the board. Just real simple Imprint 1 liner, right? Yep, it has our Imprint 1 heat moldable liner so it's going to start out very comfortable out of the box but also continue to improve the more you wear it. And just a forgiving flex overall so girls just starting off, gives her that confidence that the boot's not too aggressive for her. Yeah, definitely, a very forgiving a flex profile so it's, like I said, going to be just as comfortable as your typical shoe but then that support you need for the heel and toe edge turns.


Tell us a little bit about TruFit? Oh yeah, definitely. TruFit is specific to Burton in that we actually did a huge study of women's feet and really modeled these around the shape of their feet as well as where their calf position is. So this isn't just a shrunken down version of a guys boot that we put a couple purple eyelets on and everything, this is truly designed around the shape of a women's foot as are all of Burton womens snowboard boots. Great, so if you're an entry-level woman looking for a soft-flexing boot that they can learn and progress on, make sure to check it out on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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