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2016 Burton Concord Boa Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna, this is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Concord Boa. This is a new boot for you guys, right? Yeah, we brought it into the line last year and this year it's just gotten even better. We've got our dual zone boa on here which basically is kind of a combo between our typical speed zone and other dual zone boa boots you'd see out there. And what we did this year to switch up the Concord is we added our New England rope system to the already established Boa system and working with their team and basically what that allowed us to do is get rid of all the different eyelets you'd normally have down the tongue of a Boa boot and that both helps save on weight but also cut down on any pressure points.


So the great thing with the dual boa system is that you get two zones of comfort. This front boa right here tightens this top zone and then this side boa will actually tighten the lower zone so you get to really fine tune the way you want this thing to fit and feel. Yeah, personally, I'm a big fan of Focus Boa for that reason exactly. With the single you, sometimes, can really crank down too much and create pressure points over that top of your foot. Yep, also another great feature on this boot is that it's amazingly light weight. We've got the feature back here called Wishbone Technology where we use carbon rods so that we're able to really cut down on the added materials that you'd normally find in a boot of this performance level and these carbon rods also have a great rebound to them so when you flex down into your toe edge turn, those carbon rods also help rebound you into your heel edge turn as well.


Inside the boot we've got Burton's great Imprint 3 liner which is going to be a heat moldable liner that also has some great moisture wicking materials in here as well as a anti-microbial coating to help cut down on stink later in the season and everything. And then under foot, a lot of comfort features as well too, right? Correct, we've got our EST outsole to this thing so it's going to be a nice low profile sole that gets you down close to the board and also gives you a ton of feel underfoot. This year, a new feature that we added to it is these rubber grip zones here, so if you're doing any hiking or even just walking through the slippery parking lot we've got you covered there as well. Great, so a solid boot for the intermediate to advanced guy looking for something that he can take everywhere on the mountain and has all the added comfort and convenience of Focus Boa, right? Exactly. Well make sure you check out the Burton Concord on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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