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2016 Burton Grom Youth Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna this is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Grom binding. So Levi, who's this binding designed for? This binding is going to be great for the little groms out there. Kids getting into the sport younger and younger these days and Burton has a binding for those little feet to be accommodated on their snowboards. And I noticed it looks a little bit different than a normal kids binding, you've only got one strap instead of two. True, with the boot being so small, two straps is a little bit overkill and going down to the one strap will just make it that much easier for them to get into the binding themselves. One other bonus feature we started doing on this binding that helps the kid get in there easier is this little curved up buckle here, it makes it super easy for the kids, even if their gloves are a little bit too big or anything on them, so really use it quite easily. Just to get out of it just press on it and it flops open and out of the way.


And another cool feature we've got here is the flex-zone on the outside of the strap so the kid really can get their foot in there nice and easy. Also we've switched to a different design with this heel hoop instead of adding weight with a bunch of extra parts, we mixed the heel hoop and highback into one piece so it just cuts down on weight and keeps this nice and lightweight and easy to use for the kids. It's also adjustable this way so you can get their foot nice and centered on the board which will help with the learning curve, getting them set up right on the board is definitely very important to getting their balance when they're getting out there on the hill. And just a super soft-flexing highback, too? Yep, definitely, very soft-flexing, very forgiving nice and easy to learn with, that's who it's designed for - the little groms just getting into it. Designed to get them in there easily without them getting frustrated, straps aren't in the way when they're trying to strap in and just real easy with their gloves, right? Exactly, yep. There's also even a big wide mouth on this buckle that makes it super easy for them to line it up.


Great, well there you go, that's the Burton Grom binding, great binding for that entry-level kid who wants to progress and really enjoys the sport.

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