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2016 Burton Imperial Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna, this is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Imperial boot. So Levi, this is where we start to get into all the bells and whistles, right? Yeah. definitely. This is definitely one of our team favorites out there, a lot of our pro riders ride this boot and that's because it has a ton of great features both in performance and comfort. Fairly stiff boot, more of your advanced guy? Definitely, this has a ton of features that help keep it nice and supportive such as the Grip Lite backstay back here which is a nice lightweight, stiff section back here that also has some grip to it that helps hold you down tight to your binding. Also, along the sides we have these S4 panels here which help reduce weight and also allow the straps to slide nicely across there so you're not feeling kind of bound up or anything. As far as lacing goes, this is our speed zone system which I think is one of the best convenience systems out there. You're able to really fine tune your upper and lower zones while having it still be very lightweight and easy to use. All you do to use this is pull up and back to lock and then down towards the toe to unlock it. Super simple.


And then underneath the foot there's some great features too. We've got our Vibram outsole with reground materials as well as EST midsole which basically gets you down close to the board and gives you a ton of feel underfoot. And then we throw a little bit of B3 gel in the heel which is going to soften any hard impacts and landings so, a ton of stuff going on in here just keeping it very comfort and performance driven. And then you're in an Imprint 3 liner as well, right? Correct. The Imprint 3 liner is a liner that has some moisture-wicking fabric in there as well as an anti-microbial coating. Some great Velcro to really wrap around your ankle there and hold you nice and tightly into this liner as well as a liner lace system that sucks the liner down into the shell, really combining those two parts to the boot into a sinlge unit. And then also, down there underneath the powerup tongue here is the Rad Pads which help distribute any liner lace pressure. So this is definitely your boot for more of your aggressive guy, looking for a little bit stiffer boot, little bit more performance oriented of a boot? Yeah, definitely. And even the guys out there hiking, this boot is set up for them as well with this super deep Vibram tread and ice spikes so yeah, the very advanced in terms of features but great also for the intermediate riders as well.


Great, well make sure to check out the Imperial on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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