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2016 Burton Mission and Mission EST Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna, this is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Mission binding and Mission EST binding as well. So, Levi, who's this binding for? This binding is going to be great for the intermediate and the advanced rider, as well as the beginners looking for some more response out of their binding or some more support. The great thing with this binding is it comes in two different ways: one being Reflex, which has a base that is compatible with pretty much any board, the 4-hole the 3-hole or the channel system. And then we also make a channel specific version called EST. EST stands for extra sensory technology but all those big fancy words just mean you're getting even more feel under foot. ReFlex is great because it gives the rider a ton of feel under foot as well but EST is the ultimate in terms of underfoot feel and also stance options. You get a ton of options and it saves weight so when you do have a channel board, I definitely recommend going with the EST but if you're riding any board with either 4-hole or 3-hole the ReFlex will be great as well.


So then speak a little bit to the mission. It's got a great cap strap here, we've got our super grip cap strap which has been trickled down from higher-up bindings. Also, a new feature to it this year is what we call our flex slider where when you open the strap it stays out of the way so the rider can get their foot in there nice and easy and quickly up at the top of the hill and get strapped in and heading back down where we're having more fun anyway. I think it's cool how simple that is too, a lot of other brands out there are making kind of more complex technical ways of doing that and it just adds more weight, more pieces to the binding and really doesn't have as much of n effect as that does. Yeah, a great thing too with this feature is in the process that our engineers came up with to put this flex zone in here, we actually made this piece stronger. So this piece right here has a lifetime warranty also, all Burton bindings will have a lifetime warranty on the base chassis here so definitely going to be a great long lasting binding and a good stiffer option to some of our lower end models. So somebody stepping up from a freestyle or custom, they're going to get more response with our 30% short glass nylon in here that's just giving you quicker toe to heel response.


So great binding for that sort of mid-level guy, looking for something with a little more features than say the Custom but still isn't going to be the stiffest binding in the world that's going to push you too far, right? Yep, exactly. Well make sure to check out the Mission and Mission EST on and thanks for watching.

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