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2016 Burton Ruler Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna, this here is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Ruler boot. So Levi, this is a great kind of mid to high-end option for the guy who's not necessarily looking for a Boa boot, right? Correct, this uses Burton's Speed Zone lacing where you've got an upper and a lower zone of comfort. It's definitely an alternative to Boa in that you can really dial it in a get that lace-like feel but still in a nice quick easy system where all you do to tighten it is pull up and back to lock and all you do to loosen it is pull forward, so very simple and easy. This one comes with these nice plastic winder handles which allow you to get that lace out of the way and tuck it right into the garage there. Also, the speed zone is updated this year on this boot. It's got new components which help keep this more durable and also small weight savings as well. Great and just a very comfortable boot, a lot of features and the outsole and the liner as well.


Yeah, definitely so the outsole, we've got some B3 gel in the heel to really soften any landings. We've also got the grip lite back stay which gives you some extra support back there but then also gives you come grip, really locking you into the binding. Also, on all Burton boots now, we have the total comfort construction kind of integrated throughout the boot but the big area where it's apparent is on this toe box. We actually move the lower laces up away from where your toe is actually connected to your foot, which takes away a typical pressure point that we found in typical boots. Inside this boot we've got what we call our Imprint 2 liner which is going to be a very comfortable, heat moldable liner where we actually don't have the liner laces attached to the liner, they're actually tied into the shell so when you tighten down that liner lace it's actually locking the liner back into the shell of the boot, giving you even more improved heel hold compared to some of the lower-end boots with the Imprint 1 liner. And you've got sleeping bag under foot as well, right? Yeah - sleeping bag is a technology where we take a metal strovel which is basically like an emergency blanket and put that underneath the liner so that it reflects heat back up into the users foot, that way it's not just escaping down into the ground.


So it keeps you comfortable, keeps you warm, also a lot of added performance features as well - sort of that ideal boot for mid-level to advanced guy, again, looking for an option other than Boa out there, right? Definitely. Well make sure you check out the Burton Ruler on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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