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2016 Burton Scribe and Scribe EST Womens Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna, this is Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Scribe and Scribe EST binding. Levi, who is this binding for? This binding is great for the female rider that is progressing up from the, either Citizen or Stiletto or maybe some other company's binding, but it's got ton of great features for that intermediate to advanced rider. A few of the great features come in the different Burton chassis that this is offered with. It's offered in both ReFlex which is going to provide a nice flex under foot for any type of board, it's got a 3-hole disc and a channel disc and a 4-hole disc so it allows a ton of different options as far as what you can put it on. But then we also offer it in EST which is going to be an even more flexible version under foot so you can really tell what's going on and that's going to be designed for the Burton channel system.


All around though this is a great binding. You've got a ton of adjustments in both strap length highback forward lean, highback rotation and then also some great comfort features such as the Get-a-Grip cap strap which really cups down on the front of the boot and holds you in nice and tight with rubber sections both above and below the toe box of the boot. Then also our nice, lightweight React ankle strap. New feature for this binding too this year is our Flex slider which allows this ankle strap to really hang out of the way while the rider gets their foot down into this binding, making it super simple to get ready to go up at the top of the hill and get you back down having more fun. You're not trying to balance, stepping on your strap, everything is out of the way and then under foot there's lots of padding as well, right? Yeah, definitely. Both on the ReFlex and EST. Right here I've got the EST version and this is all just padding underfoot a full EVA section right there that we call our sensory bed and it's definitely going to take away any chatter or vibration which are what cause fatigue later on in the day when you're out there riding. So you're really doing yourself a disservice is you get a board with the channel system and you don't take advantage of putting an EST binding on there, correct? Yeah, definitely. As far as weight saving adjustability and flex underfoot, EST is definitely the prem-o way to go however, with the ReFlex you do have those options of taking it to some other systems if you're looking to try those out.


Great, well if you're a progressing female rider looking for a binding with a little more performance and response but not the stiffest right in the world, make sure to check out the Burton Scribe and Scribe EST on

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