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2016 Burton Starstruck Boa Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna, this is Levi from Burton and this is the Burton Starstruck Boa boot. Levi, who is this boot for? This boot is great for both beginner and intermediate females. It's also great for someone looking for a nice, easy way to get in and out of their boots. This year we updated the Boa system that we were using last year. Working with their team, we worked to put a new lace in this. Traditionally Boa boots use a metal cord and this year we switched over to New England ropes which are something we typically use in our speed zone lace boots, where you get this nice thin cord in here which is actually very similar to what they use in parachute cord so it's going to be nice and strong. But the benefit of doing this is both going to be a saving and weight but also we are able to remove all that plastic you normally get on the front of a Boa boot which will take away from pressure points and also just keep this boot more comfortable. Speaking of comfort, it's got total comfort construction, you bring the laces further up the boot, correct? Yeah, so we've got a longer toe box here which helps take away a pressure point that normally happens where your toes connect with your foot. But also, a great feature about that is the fact that this bottom lace is actually farther away from where some people tend to rest the edge of their board when they're riding up the chairlift.


Also, a cool feature on all of womens Burton boots are going to be that they're made with what we call TruFit. It was kind of come up with when we did a study of women's feet we had a huge sample population and really measured the different dimensions and took a nice average in there to really design this boot around the shape of the average woman's foot, both in height and sole shape. Rather than just shrinking down a men's boot, it's actually designed - yeah, too many companies out there do that they just take a men's boot and shrink it down and put some girly colors on it and call it a woman's boot, where this is specifically designed for female riders. And it's got a soft flexing, comfortable Imprint 1 liner on it too, right? Yeah, definitely. This is the Imprint 1 liner which is heat moldable, like all Burton boots, so it's going to be very comfortable out of the box but then also the more you wear it the more comfortable it's going to get. Under foot we've got our Dynolite EVA sole too which actually gives you a great feel for what's going on underfoot as well as saves a ton on weight so it's going to be a very amazingly lightweight Boa boot.


So just a very solid boot for entry to mid-level girl who's looking for some convenience as well. Yeah, definitely. Well makes sure to check out the Starstruck Boa on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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