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2016 Flow Helios Focus Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna, this is Tim from Flow and this is the Flow Helios Focus Boa boot. Tim, tell us a little bit about it. Yeah, this is a high performance boot from us. It features two zone Boa technology meaning that you can adjust both the areas of the boot. This one right here is doing up top on here and on the side here does down low and gets a nice comfortable feel for Boa. Moldable liner takes on the shape of your foot, gets more and more comfortable the more you wear the boot. With velcro on the side here to stop the tongue from moving around. A fully molded liner that actually features the thermal tec technology meaning that when you pull the liner out of here you would see that it has a heat thermal shield inside there for reflecting heat back into your foot and then a Vibram sole on the bottom, nice and grippy so you're not sliding around when you're walking around the lodge.


And super super comfortable. It uses what we call Bare Foot technology. If you notice where the red is it kind of simulates a bare foot and gives you more of a soulful feel if you will. This is kind of for that more of an advanced rider, right? They're starting to get into a little bit stiffer of a boot, you've got the adjustability of, like you said, the Focus Boa which personally I love just because you can really dial it in and get that extra adjustability on it. Yeah, I mean, it's designed for the intermediate right up to the top of the line guy. It also features an internal harness that really works exceptionally well when you pull on this is wraps around the foot and locks into place so your heel is back into the heel pocket, so very precise, you're not going to get any heel lift out of this boot whatsoever.


Great, well make sure you check out the Flow Helios Focus boot on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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