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2016 Flow Nexus Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna, this is Tim from Flow and we're going to talk about a new binding - the Flow Nexus. Tim, tell us a little bit about this. Yeah, the Nexus is brand new for us. It comes in at a really strong price point and it's for the intermediate to advanced level rider that wants a lot of performance. You have, in here, a composite base plate and highback that is 30% fiberglass reinforced, so it's fairly stiff but still not as stiff as an aluminum binding.


Here we're doing it in what we call our hybrid strap and it's a little bit different than our traditional strap. You can get into this this way if you would like, like a traditional binding, or you still have the option of reclining the highback and going in from behind there. So if you wanted the convenience of a Flow binding but you kind of like the feel of a traditional strap binding, then that would do that? That's exactly why we came out with this strap, for sure. Also featuring the big ratchet buckles that have the locks on there so you can set it and forget it because, just like the other strap, this one will break in and take on the shape of your boot and once that happens you can just lock it in place and then it's consistent all the time. Ok, and this is stepping up from the Five, you're getting now a full pad underfoot, right? Yeah and the pad actually has a 2.5 degree bevel to it that just kind of rocks your knees in a little bit and is a little more forgiving on the knees and more power to the edge. Again, you have your forward lean adjustment on the back here and that simply is how far forward you want the highback and that's adjustable, something you can adjust right up on the hill - convenient.


So solid binding for the intermediate level rider, this is when you step up to some of the bells and whistles that you'll see in some of the higher end models as well, right? Absolutely. Well make sure you check out Flow Nexus on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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