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2016 K2 Maysis Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna, this here is Smooches from K2 and we're going to talk about the K2 Maysis. So Smooches, this is what - the worlds best double Boa boot - is that what I just saw? That is one of the stories there so this is a really great fitting boot for that kind of higher end market. So talk a little bit about the 2 dial system. This dial system that's going on there is a zonal Boa Conda system so you have your traditional Boa that's on the front of that boot that's going to give you that look and comfort that you wanted and dialing in.


And then you also have the Conda story which is going to go on the inside of the inside of the boot, it dials in and kind of holds back your heel so it gives you that optimal heel hold without any lift in it. Then how about the liner in there? Liner - you're jumping up huge into the liner. So you go to an Intuition Pro 3D formed liner so this is one of the maximum comfort and control liners that we have in our line. And then how about the outsole? There's a step up there as well. It is, this one jumps into the Vibram V4 outsole. This is giving you that maximum grip, reducing weight and then also giving you a total different feel. There's 70 years of experience in this sole so it's not the new kid on the block. So tons of support, tons of comfort?


Pretty much that ideal boot for, who would you say? This is going to be kind of that higher end freestyle to all-mountain freestyle guy. Great, well make sure you check out the Maysis on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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