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2016 K2 Raider Boa Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna this is Smooches from K2 and we're going to talk about the K2 Raider Boa boot. So tell us a little bit about the boot? The Raider is kind of that pivotal boot for us, one of our best selling boots in the lineup because it is very universal. It's going to be that boot that could be that beginner to intermediate, it could be street or park rider that's looking for a softer boot or somebody that's just kind of taking on the mountain in its awe and entirety. There's a lot of cross-over. So one of the best things about this boot is it gives you a real skate shoe influenced look so it has a real clean look to it but now, the best feature about it is that it's got the Boa Coiler. So that boot is able to open up and articulate into that Boa and give you a nice secure fit.


It also has a nice 3D formed tongue so the fit is going to give you something great. How about the liner in there too? That liner is the Comfort Intuition liner so this is one of our better liners as far as feel goes and universal on somebody's foot so if you've got that weird ugly toe or a different arch, this is going to kind of fit you well. It will be a custom moldable liner so you can do that as well. So, like you said, kind of that solid mid-level boot. It could be a second boot for the guy who's just starting, maybe the guy who's fairly athletic, wants something with a little bit more performance but doesn't want something real stiff and aggressive or even that park rider who's just looking for something on the softer side. Definitely, definitely.


Well make sure you check out the K2 Raider at and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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