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2016 Ride Insano Boa Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I'm Jenna this is Ryan from Ride and we're going to talk about the Ride Insano Boa boot. Tell us a little bit about it, Ryan. It's our high-end boot, our highest end boot. It's that Cadillac customer, if you will. Lacing system, it's going to have Boa. It's a Focus Boa so you have one to control the lower and one to control the upper tensioning system. The liner is kind of the story on this, it's the Dream Liner, it's the best of the best it's got the best lockdown, the best harness, the best support. So it's going to be a stiffer boot, again for that Cadillac customer so it is probably one of the stiffest boots in our line, somebody that's more advanced or looking to drive a lot of energy into their turns. Internal and external J-bars? Internal and external J-bars in the liner, Intuition you know, a lot of bells and whistles in that liner.


The sole is a cool story on it. We did a colab with Michelin, like Michelin tires, which is pretty cool. We mocked one of their mountain bike tires so you've got ultimate traction in the snow and then Michelin just makes a great product so you don't have to worry about that sole breaking down. So really the ideal boot for that intermediate to advanced level guy looking for something that has tons of customization features on it just an all around supportive, responsive boot, right? Exactly. It's like I said, that Cadillac boot in our line. One cool feature that we put on that boot is a slime tongue. We use a lot of urethane in our product such as our slimewall, slimeback and now we have the slime tongue. Basically what we did was the whole tongue is made out of urethane and what that does is gives you response so as you lean into your boot it automatically springs you back, versus our you know 3D molded tongues or what not, it gives a lot of response on the boot.


Great, well make sure you check out the Insano Boa on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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