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2016 Ride Sage Boa Coiler Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna this is Ryan from Ride and this is the Ride Sage boot. Ryan, you're our women's boot expert, tell us a little bit about it. I am, I'm just an expert in women. There you go! Um, we've got the Ride Sage boot, I would have to say out of all the boots in our line this is probably our best selling womens boot for a couple of reasons. It's got the Boa system with the Coiler so you just kind of pop that out, retracts that extra slack in a couple turns you're good to go. Another thing to point out on the lacing system is the Ride Closer. This is exclusive to Ride only and basically what it does it allows the boot to actually close over the top of your foot giving you good fit on your lower and your upper zone. So the Closer and the Boa Coiler really compliment eachother.


We've got Intuition Plush liner so you've got great support in this liner, internal external J-bars so you've got J-bars running through here and then of course your internal J-bars which help keep that liner from moving around and reduce a little bit of heel lift. It's got a grip sole so you've got some good traction there but the real feature on this boot that I like to talk about is the LSD CAT. And basically the line will extend back here so if you're a girl with an athletic sized calf, we can adjust for that. If you're a girl with a skinny calf, that also kind of comes in and then you can pull it in right here so you get great support whatever kind of calf you've got. Athletic sized calf, it will adjust so it'll spill out a little bit, if you've got a skinny calf it tightens up. So it just allows you to adjust to a more comfortable fit, a more exact fit. Exact fit - that's a perfect word to use on this boot, so.


Great, well make sure you check out the Ride Sage boot on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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