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Buying Guide | Snowboard Socks


By Steve Kopitz


It’s true, there are certain items of regular clothing you can use for snowboarding purposes.  But there’s a reason snowboard specific clothing has been created, it’s better.  And one of the most crucial articles of snowboard clothing you should own for your shredding adventures is a good pair of snowboard socks.  The right pair of snowboard socks will increase your comfort level tremendously.  Snowboard socks have a forward lean built into them, which reduces bunching in key areas underneath the boot when riding, making the way the sock lies much more comfortable.  Just a few of the features offered in snowboard socks are wicking properties, additional warmth with little weight, comfort, padding, and anti-microbial abilities.



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Snowboard socks are available in different weights depending on the riding you are doing and what your personal preferences are.  Typically, snowboard socks come in heavy weight, medium weight and light weight.  The colder the conditions are going to be, usually the heavier the weight of the sock should be.  BUT, keep in mind that the heavier the sock doesn’t necessarily mean the warmer.  Different materials can mean differences in warming abilities.








Synthetic snowboard socks can be made out of a variety of material including polyester, nylon, acrylic, lycra, and more.  Most synthetic snowboard socks are made from a combination of materials to provide maximum comfort while retaining their shape and moisture wicking properties.


Polyester combines moisture management, softness, and thermal properties all in one.  It provides unmatched comfort and is thus one of the most common materials used, along with its excellent wicking ability.


Nylon offers a maximum durability and great abrasion resistance.  Typically nylon is used to reinforce areas that receive a lot of wear and tear such as the shin or heel.  Nylon is also anti-bacterial, which manages odor.


Acrylic fabric is also a commonly used fabric in snowboard socks.  Certain forms of acrylic are remarkably soft and also lightweight. Acrylic socks keep their shape well because they are highly elastic. For those who love wool but are allergic to it, acrylic can be an excellent substitute.  All in all, they are soft, hold color well, are both stain and wrinkle resistant while still being quite warm.


Elastic and Lycra are soft, comfortable and stretchy fabrics. These fabrics also help to keep your socks from bunching up and moving around as you shred.







Wool is the only natural fiber that wicks away moisture and also provides great warmth while out riding.  Wool snowboard socks tend to be very durable.  Merino wool is made from the finest fibers for a soft, no-itch texture. 





Additional Features



Anti-microbial snowboard socks which are anti-microbial will keep your feet from smelling like moldy cheese after a long day of shredding.  It fights order causing bacteria.



Padding - some snowboard socks offer padding in certain areas to increase comfort while riding.  The most commonly padded areas tend to be the shin, ankle, heels and toes. 



Articulated Heel Many snowboard socks are created with an articulated heel allow for greater comfort and making them easier to slide on and off.


Arch Support Snowboard socks often offer arch support with stretch panels along the instep giving added support.





Snowboard socks are more expensive than regular socks and thus need to be cared for more carefully.  Be sure to turn your socks inside out before throwing them in the washer, the inside is where most of the dirt and odor is collected.  Try not to dry your socks in the dryer as they get too hot and some of the treatments or finishes can deteriorate and the socks will become less effective.



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