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Do Snowboard Reviews need Rider Footage?


By. Jenna Rickard


As some of you may know, each year we head to our local regional demo, test all of next years product and shoot our “On Snow Reviews”. We try hard to get a variety of riders at all different skill levels on the appropriate product for them so that the reviews are truly relevant to you guys. More and more we get feedback that reviews play a large role in people’s purchasing decision so each year we take all the feedback we get and try to make our videos better and better.


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In sifting through all the comments as well as all the youtube haters out there, one of the things that comes up occasionally is why don’t we show the rider actually riding the board. Our riders are told to spend some time on the board on the terrain it’s designed for, as well as some it’s not, to ride down to the camera and to give an honest review on it. Why not actually show them on it? How do we prove we actually did ride it? Well, to answer the second question I guess technically we can’t prove it, but I assure you we spend multiple days shredding, having a blast and truly putting product to the test. To answer the first however, I turn the question back to you, the consumer. What value is there to you by showing the rider?


My thought has always been that an excellent rider can jump on any board and make it look like the next best thing in the world, not truly representing the board itself. On the flip side, the average rider that a lot of these boards are made for isn’t going to put out the most impressive footage in the world either. Viewers are then more inclined to judge the rider and not the actual product itself, when in reality the rider may more accurately reflect themselves.


So does showing actual footage of the rider using the product in a video review matter to you? Here’s some food for thought…


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