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Forum Vacation Video Premiere


October 24th, 2011


When was the last time you’ve been to a Drive-in? If you’re my age, you’ve probably never had the opportunity to attend one. However, I’d like to think that the event we held over the weekend had its similarities. In a still rough economy, we were fortunate enough to actually open a new location for one of our retail stores in the past few weeks. Gone were the tight parking spaces and cramped apparel racks making way for plenty of retail space, a parking lot perfect for some skate sessions, and a building decorated in oak paying homage to the outdoors we so adore. So how do you celebrate such a change?  With chilly dogs and a 24 foot outdoor movie premiere of course!


Partnering with our vendors has always been very important to us, so when Forum Snowboard volunteered to sponsor a movie premiere at our new location we were thrilled. We decided however that it needed to be done in a big way. We started out with a chilly dog eating contest in honor or Forum’s “Chillydog” technology which is simply their rocker design based on a continuous circle. The contest was of course disgusting, and I’m pretty sure a couple of parents threw their kids in there just so they didn’t have to feed them dinner, but even so, we crowned a winner who crammed four dogs down his throat in 3 minutes, and was given a Forum Recon Snowboard as his prize. The cool part was he actually gave it to his son. When’s the last time your dad’s done something like that for you?



Forum Chilly Dog Contest



The event continued on with games, free Forum swag and plenty of food, but most importantly the premier of Forum’s “Vacation” snowboard movie. Sure it was a bit chilly, and dropped down to somewhere in the mid 40’s, but watching the likes of Pat Moore, Stevie Bell, and Andreas Wiig on a giant inflatable 24 foot screen in the parking lot was larger than life. The video was sick, with amazing riding and some great tunes, and while still funny with interesting rider intro’s, the riding definitely outweighed the antics in between. I always get annoyed when snowboard or skate vids show more drinking and stupidity then the actually riding itself. “Vacation” however definitely has a nice mix of both. Even so, the 15 year old boys in the crowd definitely appreciated the chest bearing women, not to mention seeing them on a screen 10 times the size they normally would.



Forum Vacation Video Premier


Anyways, thanks again to our bro’s at Forum for a great event, and definitely to all those who came out to watch “Vacation” with us under the stars. If you haven’t seen the video, check out the teaser, and if you don’t have a clue what Chillydog tech is then definitely check it out as well.




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