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Go Home Skiing, You're Drunk


By Chris Gorski




Here we have compiled a collection of funny ski pictures and overall fails. To be honest we love our skiing friends here at but with this collection we had to poke a little fun their way.





Awkward Skiing Sign

This sign may conjure up nightmares among those that look at it.... 



Banana Skiers

Banana costumes are better than skiing in banana hammocks! 



Gentleman Skiers

Are these three gentlemen sharing one ski? 



Lego Ski Man

Alright, this is pretty awesome actually 



Men Skiing in Underwear

We're all glad that this picture is a little blurry



Motorized Skiing

Motorized skiing for those that are too lazy to actually ski? 



Older Lady Skiing

After looking at this for hours we still have no idea what is happening here 



Saw Character Jigsaw

 This might actually be a snowboarder but they probably got the idea from a skier



Skier Pulled by a Horse

Again, this actually looks pretty awesome 



Skiing Fashion Fail

An ancestor to the Kardashians on a set of skis? 



Skiing Flasher

There is a lot going on in this photo so be sure to take it all in 



Skiing in a Bear Suit

Skiing in a bear suit and possibly soiling it 



We've all seen the super impressive skiing in jeans look



Skiing on top of a Car

Old school training method or bored with bad ideas? 



Skiing Truck

This is a very interesting use for old skis, art? 



Skiing Witches

Tree people skiers and possible witches 



Sumo Skiing

 This may be photoshopped; the jury is still out



Tank Towing Army of Skiers

 This is an interesting method of travel for an Army



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