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Jalapeno Beat Maker Mixes Beats and Snowboarding


By Chris Gorski




Have you ever wanted to mix up some beats based on your snowboarding? Of course you have, let’s not be silly! Well, your dreams have been answered in the form of a Jalapeno… OK, not a real jalapeno, you’re not going to be digging into some hot peppers on the hill with this set up. The Jalapeno Beat Maker is in the infancy of its creation, but it looks kinda cool.


Jalapeno Beat Maker


The Jalapeno Portable Beat Maker for action sports is currently hanging out on Kickstarter and is looking for some additional backing. The idea behind the Jalapeno is to offer a portable device which will remix your music in real time based on your turns, tricks and spins. The idea is to turn your actions into the beat of the music.



So, we haven’t had the pleasure of trying out a Jalapeno Beat Maker but judging by the video, it looks fairly simple to setup and use. Currently you can pledge money to help the company get off the ground and you can also get your hands on an early bird special version of the Jalapeno Beat Maker.


If making beats and altering your music with your snowboarding is intriguing to you, we recommend taking a look at the Jalapeno Beat Maker today!

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