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Kites are built with two major differences. They either come as a Foil or LEI. The primary difference comes to play with the actual build of the kite. LEI kites are built with an inflatable leading edge to provide shape in the air and floatation in the water. Foil kites are built with baffles that fill with air when flying.

Foil Kites– Foil kites are designed to be used on land. They are just pure kite material and do not float when submerged in the water. Foil kites are notable in that when used properly, a smaller kite can generate equal power to that of a larger LEI kite.

LEI Kites – LEI stands for leading edge inflatable. These kites have a tube that runs around the forward edge of the kite that will be inflated by the rider with air. The benefit to LEI kites is that they can be used anywhere, be it water or land. The buoyant inflated leading edge will keep the kite upright in the water and prevent it from sinking.

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